Boys VS Girls

Meet Ace, a 16 year old who lives with her mother in London. Ace hates boys, and would use every chance she gets to make their lives miserable. When her mom gets re-married, Ace finds herself face to face with a boy she's never met. And this isn't just any boy. This is a boy that treats girls like slaves. This is a boy that believes he is the baddest thing around. This boy is her new step-brother. Let the wars... BEGIN!!!


2. You cant be serious.

I cross my arms and stare strait ahead as the car reeves into action. Cash looks over at me, grinning, " We have a surprise for you at the hotel!" He says in a chippy voice. I give him a glare. " Its only for the night honey, tomorrow we will board the plane and be off to our new home!" My mom smiles at me as if we had just won the lottery, in witch, in the sake of how much money we'll be bathing in from now on, we practically did. I roll my eyes and pull out my iPod. I sit back and relax to the sound of one of my favorite things, music. "Were here!" My mom exclaims excitedly, then giggles in delight as Cash picks her up and carries her bridal- style out of the car. " Put. Her. Down. Now." I growl through clenched teeth. Cash raises an eyebrow at me but doesn't say anything, and puts my mom down. I relax a little.


" Be nice!" My mom says in a stern voice and they walk into the hotel together. I roll my eyes.The elevator is really fast, and we're on level 4 in no time. When Cash opens the door to the room, my mom grasps my shoulder firmly as we walk into the room, as if afraid I'd run away. I give her a weird look, then I glance up and gasp. Standing there is the boy I met back at the house. " He smiles- no, he smirks, and said, " Well, I knew we'd see each other again, but I didn't expect it to be so soon." And by the edge in his voice I knew he was lying. " Mom? Who the heck is he and what is he doing here?" I ask. My mom clears her throat before answering. " Why don't you sit down?" She pull s a chair out fro the table and I sat down. Then she said the words I never though I'd hear. The words I'd been dreading I'd hear my whole life.


" This is your new step brother- Niall. You might know him from one direction."




I'm sorry it's so short! I'll update as soon as I can!

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