Boys VS Girls

Meet Ace, a 16 year old who lives with her mother in London. Ace hates boys, and would use every chance she gets to make their lives miserable. When her mom gets re-married, Ace finds herself face to face with a boy she's never met. And this isn't just any boy. This is a boy that treats girls like slaves. This is a boy that believes he is the baddest thing around. This boy is her new step-brother. Let the wars... BEGIN!!!


1. Married?!

" Honey, can you come down here please? We have something very important to discuss with you!" My head shot up when I heard her say ' We'. There was no one else living with us- just me and my mom living in this tiny apartment. I was listening to Black Magic by little mix on my new iPhone I got last Christmas when I heard my mothers voice float upstairs. I looked over at the alarm clock on my bedside table. 6:00 AM. What did mom want with me at this time? Maybe the neighbor wants me to pet sit her prissy little dog again so she can visit her gran kids. But then, why would mom say it was very important? I shrugged and walked downstairs. As I rounded the corner into the kitchen, I started to talk, " Mrs. Carter, iff you want me to walk that shitty little dog of yours again, let me just say, she is the most slutty little drama queen I have ever- mom, who is this man?" I asked, nodding towards the man that was holding my mom on his lap by her waist. I started to growl at the way he was touching her.


My mom giggled and said, " That is just what we wanted to talk about. Cash, do you want to tell her?" I shuddered when she said ' we'. The man that I figured name was Cash cleared his throat and spoke up, " Why, aren't you beautiful? Well, what your mother and I have to say is... We're getting married! You and your lovely mom will be moving into my house! Go and pack, we are leaving tomorrow morning." He leaned over and kissed my mom on the lips, and my mom kissed back. I stare at the in shock for a moment, the the bomb goes off. " Mom! What do you mean your getting married?! And you mister! Who do you think you are, coming in here and announcing you and my mom are getting married?!" I yelled, " And keep your filthy hands OFF MY MOTHER!" I scream the last part, tears cascading down my cheeks. " Now listen here young lady, I know how you must feel. But its for the best, I promise. And I wont have you talking that way to me, you hear me?"


I dont answer. I run up the stairs and slammed my bedroom door, flinging myself face-first onto the bed. I heard them talking downstairs. " Oh dear..." My mom said, sounding sad. " Its Ok. She probably just needs some time to get used to the idea." He said, compomforting my mother. I cried harder. I'm supposed to be the one comforting her when she gets sad, not him! I cant believe my mother would go and do something like that! Is she drunk or something?! She didnt seem drunk. I sighed as I heard the front door shut behind Cash.


I sprung up and went downstairs, taking the steps two at a time. My mom was just getting up from the chair when she saw me. " I have to, my job isn't enough." She looks sorry, as if there's nothing more we can do. There isn't, but I still have to say something. " Then I'll get a job." She shakes her head, " Oh, honey." She reaches out to hug me. I shoved her hands away,and take a step back. "Don't." Tears are sliding down her face now. Before, I would have wiped them off with my thumb and told it was going to be OK. " We need the money or we'll lose everything. Your just going to to have to get along with your bro- never mind. Just get along. We leave tomorrow morning." She pushes past me. I drop to my knees and let the sound of my sobs fill room.


I sat on my empty bed frame and watched the movers move my boxes of things to their truck. " Hey! Be careful with that!" I shouted as the man in front of me nearly dropped a glass plate onto the floor. That plate was given to me by my dad before he died. It had a picture of little red riding hood painted on it with a wolf following her, it had been my favorite storybook when I was younger. " Sorry..." The man mumbled, and hurried out of the room. I sighed and lay back on the bed. What will it be like moving away from my friends and my school? And the house I grew up in? I didn't want to leave!


Then I noticed one of the movers watching me. He wasn't doing anything, just standing there looking at me as if he felt sorry for me. As if he knew what was going on in my life and what I was going through. Pffft! " What?" I snapped at him, and the man was just about to answer when Cash came into the room. " Be nice." he said, and turned to apologize to the man about my behavior. " I don't have to! You have no right coming in here and telling me to do anything! Your not my dad and never will be! My dad died when I was five! Just fuck off, will ya?" I shouted, running out of the room.


I'm running down the hall with my head down when I crash into someone. " Ow!" I yelp, stumbling backwards. I look up to see a young boy, perhaps 18 years old. He has blonde hair and big blue eyes. I feel like. . . I've seen him  before. . . like on TV or something. I wave the idea away, shaking my head. His chest was rock hard and it felt like I had crashed into a ton of bricks. He raises an eyebrow at me. " And where do you think your going?" he asks, grabbing my upper arm. I shake him off and looked strait into his eye's. " What does it matter to you?" I spat. I kick his ankle without realizing I did it. Anger shoots through his eyes, and then he seems to calm down. He shakes his head, " You'll pay for that." He says simply, and walks past me.


I stare after him. What did he mean by that? What was he doing in my house? Was he one of the movers? He didnt have a uniform on and he seemed kind of young. Who was he? Why did I feel as if I knew him? And pay how? He had no right to tell me that! My brain was flooding with questions over this encounter and I could fell a huge headache coming on. None of these questions were answered, but that didn't matter. Besides, I'm never going to see him again. . . Am I?





Wow. I mean like. . . Wow. That's so my girl. I cant believe she's going to my sister. I slip my cellphone out of my pocket and call Zayne. He picks up after three rings. " Hullo?" His voice sounds tired. " Hey man." " Oh, hey. How'd your new sis work out for you?" I smile. " Perfect. She's gorgeous. Her hair is like honey, her eye's are like chocolate. And her lips! Red as blood. She's got a temper though- I have my work cut for me." He seems to think for a minute before answering. " Good for you." His voice sounds angry and he hangs up before I can answer. I stare at the phone and shrug. What's his problem?





 Sorry its short, don't worry. The actions coming soon! Please like, fav, and comment!



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