⚡️My bad boy ⚡️LRH

Does anyone have bad boys I do Luke Hemmings the schools bad boy I'm a good girl who falls for a bad boy that makes me do things I don't want to do or do I want to ///////Does she find someone else of would she try to change Luke Hemmings read to find out


12. chapters 11

Christina's p.o.v


"OMG this is not happening" I mumbled to myself. As I was leaving the boys bathroom I bump into a guy. He was hot. He had brown eyes and brown hair, his hair want up to his face like a bang.


"Ok I'm I going into the wrong bathroom or something?" He said sarcastically. "I think I'm the one who's in the wrong bathroom" I was giggling when I sad that. I couldn't control my feelings I don't know I felt something I can't explain. "So the boys and girls are sharing bathroom Hu?" I wasn't doing anything" this was me trying to get out of something, I don't even know why I'm covering it up. Ok I just got sexually harassed in the boys bathroom and there is no proof of it, hell I don't even have Luke here to proof that he did this to me even if I did I'm the one who's going to look bad, I am coming out of the boys bathroom. "Sorry, I think I should go" I was going past him when suddenly I felt a hand on my wrist. "I didn't get your name?" I wasn't sure if I should give him my real name or just tell him same random name that comes to my mind. "It's Christina" oops I think the random name that came to my mind was my own name. "What a beautiful name, I'm Ludwik" that was an unusual name, maybe his using the trick with the fake name. The trick I was going to use. "Lud what?" While I was asking this his hands removed themselves off my wrist and I moved a little away from him. "Ludwik a lot of people get confused think this isn't my real name" ya I wonder why? I didn't say that out loud. "Will Christina it was really nice to meet you and sorry if I scared you or anything" it's fine I mean it's not everyday you see a girl coming out of the boys bathroom...." I said, it sounded like I was being serious but in my mind I was being sarcastic at least I thought so. "Can I have your number?" Will you might think the guy usually asks that but I don't know I just couldn't control it. "thank god you asked that, not to look dispirit or anything but I thought I scared you off" I did not expect that. "will you did at first but I'm over it" what I'm I saying!!. am I like attracted to him or something. "I know we just meet but would you care to join me for dinner tomorrow night" he asked with the sweetest smile on his  face. "will...I will get to know you more at this dinner your suggesting" I said and continued "In that case I would be diluted to join you Mr. Ludwik" I felt this feeling I never felt before. I just can not explain it in words. I gave this handsome "stranger" my number and he was off on his way. . 

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