⚡️My bad boy ⚡️LRH

Does anyone have bad boys I do Luke Hemmings the schools bad boy I'm a good girl who falls for a bad boy that makes me do things I don't want to do or do I want to ///////Does she find someone else of would she try to change Luke Hemmings read to find out


10. chapter 9 😏

Christina's p.o.v

"OMG really no she didn't I don't believe you" I was talking to Kylla on the phone. Since I'm new at this gossip thing she's teaching me. Hey! It's not my fault you can't gossip about yourself right that would be weird even for me.

"Hey so are you ready for the trip to remember?" I asked holding my phone away from my ears. I've learned that the hard way.

"OMG OF COURSE!!, I'msolookingforwardtoit" she replied with mostly scheming.

I really didn't get anything she said except "OMG OF COURSE!! How can you miss that?

"Two days until freedom girl" I said of course it makes me nervous knowing that Luke was going to be there I wish I could talk to Kylla about all of this. I feel bad keeping it from her.

Later that day I wanted an ice cream there weren't any ice left at home, so I want out for ice cream. Which I regretted.

One why to the ice cream shop I bumped into Luke and his friend I think his name was calm or something. Anyways, getting in to the ice cream shop I was stopped by a familiar voice "Christina?" I turned around to see Luke.

"What are you doing here?" I know a stupid question but I didn't know what to say, " never mind that question" I said once again.

"We need to talk" he sounded serious not just sound he looked serious to.

"I don't think we have anything to talk about" I was nervous didn't what him to see it tho

By know Calum calm" wait I got it it's Calum "he was ordering ice cream. Which is what I came to do, instead I'm here with Luke in an awkward stage.

OMG I'm so so sorry I haven't updated and I know this is really short but it's 11:40 pm here so I kinda have to wake up for school tomorrow again sorry

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