⚡️My bad boy ⚡️LRH

Does anyone have bad boys I do Luke Hemmings the schools bad boy I'm a good girl who falls for a bad boy that makes me do things I don't want to do or do I want to ///////Does she find someone else of would she try to change Luke Hemmings read to find out


3. Chapter 3

Christina's p.o.v

It was lunch time so I headed to the cafeteria right when I entered I saw Kylla she waved to me singling me to come I grabbed my food and headed her way

"Hi Christina these are my friends Jubilee and Kacy guys this is Christina" Kylla said

It was fun hanging out with them after we were done with our food Kylla asked if I wanted to come over to her house I said yes and she gave me her phone number "I will text you my address " she said and we went our separate ways

My last class went by fast I made my why to my locker to grabbed my backpack and head to Kylla's house it wasn't that long for Kylla to sand me her address

It took me about 20 minutes to get to her house I walked to her front door and ring the doorbell the door swing open there stand a boy with black hair and blonde in the front to be honest he was really hot

"Hi can I help u" the boy said "ya I'm Is Kylla here?" I asked

"Oh you're one of Kylla's friend I'm Calum Kylla's bro" he said "hi nice to meet you I'm__'' before I could finish my sentence Kylla run to me and hugged me she grabbed my hand and took me up the stairs She jumped on her bed and ask what should we do?

I suggested we watch movies

Luke's p.o.v

"Ya man I'm coming I just have to take care of something" that was Calum the good boy of our group you know every bad group has to have a good boy/girl Cal is ours

were 4 for example there is Calum the good boy

Ashton he used to be a really really bad boy like me but I think Calum robed of on him he's not good or bad if you know what I mean and last but not least Michael his bad yup bad he likes to steal other people's girlfriends I snapped out of my thoughts when I arrived at Calum's house as always I just walked in with out knocking

I saw Calum just sitting there thinking I wonder what his thinking about you never know what Cal is thinking he's really secretive "hey bro I'm here no need to say hello" I said sarcastically "hi Luke what do you want to do? He asked "movie I said you know why I like Calum I can myself and no matter what he never george's

While we were watching "the note book" not my choice Calum love this movie and I hate it I hard laughing from upstairs "who's that?" I asked Cal

"Kylla and her new friend I didn't catch her name" he replied

The voice seemed familiar but I just ignored it

Christina's p.o.v

I got really thirsty so I went downstairs to get some drinks for me and Kylla because she was really in to the movie I picked it was "Mall cup 2"

I walked to the kitchen and saw the one and only Luke Hemmings "what are you doing here?" He asked "I didn't want to deal with hem so I just ignored "oh come on baby you like me don't you?" Luke said

"Me like you no way and anyway I have a boyfriend" I said

He looked a little disappoint he came closer and closer to me until I felt him grab my waste and bring me closer I want to runaway but I couldn't it was like he was controlling me he started to kiss down my neck I moved my head up so he had some room suddenly I realize what I was doing what he was doing I pulled away from his group and pushed him back

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