⚡️My bad boy ⚡️LRH

Does anyone have bad boys I do Luke Hemmings the schools bad boy I'm a good girl who falls for a bad boy that makes me do things I don't want to do or do I want to ///////Does she find someone else of would she try to change Luke Hemmings read to find out


2. chapter 2

Christina's p.o.v

I woke up with my brother yelling for me to get up I robbed my eyes and look over to my phone I realized I was going to be late for my first day at my new school and I got out of bed as soon as I can i took a quick shower and got dressed in to

A ripped skinny jeans, a black crop top that read "Green Day" and last but not least my red and black flannel around my waist

-----at school------

I walked through the door and everyone was whispering I just ignore but one was saying how AJ was hot I especially ignored that

AJ and I walked to the lady at the front and told her who we were she gave as our schedules and our locker number and combination I looked at my schedules and it turns out I have 3 classes with AJ but not our first class I put my things in my locker and head to my next class which is Science

I walk to try and find the Science class but the school was to big but likely I saw a girl walking towards me "hi can I help you?" The girl asked

"Oh that would be cool I was looking for the Science class?" I asked

"I was just heading there" she said

We started walking and it was silent for a second

Until I asked what her name was

She started introducing herself

"Hi my name is Kylla Hood am 16 years old and I have a brother she was so cool I liked her "now your turn" she said

"Hi my name is Christina but you could call me Tina am 16 to and I have a brother to

"Hey we already have something in common" said Kylla

"Haha" I laughed and we continue to walk to Science class when we arrived to our destination i walked to the teacher "hi I'm the Christina the new student"

"Oh Christina I have been expecting you you can have a Seat beside um Mr Hemmings" he said and pointed to a blonde... Wait a minute that's my neighbour I looked at him and he was not just cute he was HOT it was a little dark last night so I could see him clear I seat beside him and he smirked at me I looked away and took my books out

Suddenly I felt something on my thigh when I turned around it was him "what do you think your doing" I questioned "I'm Luke and I think your hot" he said "I fake a smile and pushed his hand off my thigh

To be honest I liked it I have never had anybody put their hands on my thigh expect Jack omg Jack my boyfriend

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