⚡️My bad boy ⚡️LRH

Does anyone have bad boys I do Luke Hemmings the schools bad boy I'm a good girl who falls for a bad boy that makes me do things I don't want to do or do I want to ///////Does she find someone else of would she try to change Luke Hemmings read to find out


11. chapter 10

Christina's p.o.v

He grabbed my harm and led me to the boys bathroom. "Let me go you idiot" I shop at him but he just ignores me.

" I said we need to talk!" He scared me I was so scared of him but at the same time I wasn't if you know what I mean, "you're going to do what I say love" he whispered in my ear in electric socks want through my spine.

He was so close too close, our lips were inches away "what if I don't?" I asked with a sassy tons.

"Love you don't want to find out" he took me by my waist and put me on the edge of the sink, his hands traveled up my shirt.

I didn't know if this was right or not but all I knew was it felt amazing. He leaned over and started sucking on my neck I couldn't helpe it a moan escaped my moth.

"STOP!" I yelled trying to push him off, "I know it felt amazing baby" "no Luke no!" I yelled once again this time pushing him and jumping down to the floor.

"Your such a hot mess, are you sure you don't want to finish what we started?" His smirk grow widely.

"no under any circumstance" I said "soot yourself" and by that he walked out, right before he left he terned and said "shhhhh baby girl".

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