Call Me Daddy • C.H

"My name is Calum, but you can call me daddy."

"How about fuckboy instead?"


8. Ch.8 • You're A Real Sarcastic Bitch

As the horrible month of October passed by, I found my thoughts being consumed between Calum and Ashton.

Calum and I had been keeping our conversations to a minimum, only muttering a few words to each other in order to complete our school work. I knew that thinking about him was a total waste of my time, but when ever I had free time I found myself thinking about his perfect face, which I hated.

Ashton on the other hand was perfect. He didn't ignore me, he wasn't rude, and not to mention he was also extremely good looking. Him and I hadn't seen each other in person since last week, but our texting conversations kept me up until 1 in the morning always making me exhausted for school.

In all honesty, meeting Ashton should've made me forget about my slight feelings for Calum but instead I found myself just comparing the two.

If Ashton were to send me a sweat message I'd automatically think about how Calum would never do that.

At school when ever I saw Calum he'd ignore me and I knew that was something Ashton would never do.

Even though I'd only known Ashton for a short time I could already tell he wasn't the kind of boy to treat a girl like shit, which was the kid of boy I wanted in my life.

So I tried forgetting about Calum which should've been a breeze since I'd only known him for a short amount of time, but it wasn't. That was why Delilah insisted we both attend someone from school's lame Halloween party.

"You do realize this is the only night in the entire year we can get free candy right?" I asked Delilah.

"So?" She responded.

"I like my damn candy!" I exclaimed.

"Calm down! The party will be fun." She replied.

"Oh yes, how I would love to go to some random persons party and watch my fellow schoolmates get drunk while desperately try to get laid." I said sarcastically.

"You're a real sarcastic bitch sometimes." Delilah muttered.

"It's what I do best." I replied.

"Well we both look hot so it'll be fun." Delilah reassured.

"Why would looking hot make the party better?" I questioned.

"So then guys pay attention to you." She answered.

"What if I don't want any dumb boy attention?" I replied.

"Well if we're talking in like a rape scenario or something, you knee them straight in the balls. He'll be down in 2 seconds flat. Then you run as if it's a race and Dylan O'Brien will make out with the winner." She explained.

"That's probably the best advice you've ever given." I replied.

"Well it involved Dylan O'Brien which automatically makes it fantastic."

We were nearly about to leave the house, but not before we checked our appearances again. Delilah an I looked straight out of Mean Girls. She was dressed very similar to Karen with her "mouse" ears, and I slightly resembled Regina.

I hated it.

"You can nearly see my butt." I commented.

"And you've got a nice one so work it." Delilah said, slapped my butt as we left her room.

"Yeah, I'm basically Kim K." I replied, "except way flatter."

"And with way less money." Delilah said.


The two of us quickly put our shoes on and then got into my car. The house that the party was at was very close to Delilah's so it only took us about 2 minutes to arrive.

We pulled up to a fairly large house that was quite obvious that a party was taking place inside it. There were tons of cars lined up along the curb throughout the block, and as we got out of ours the music from the house could be heard.

I followed Delilah to the front door that we didn't even bother to knock on, knowing it was extremely unlikely that anyone could hear such a dull sound in the music filled house.

As we entered the temperature instantly increased with the amount of bodies inside compared to the outdoors. All the girls were dressed quite similar to me and Delilah with a few exceptions of girls just regularly dressed.

"How come only female costumes show lots of skin?" I loudly questioned Delilah.

"What?" She shouted back.

"Never mind!" I replied.

It was extremely hard to hear one another because of the person's choice of volume.

"You wanna grab a drink?" Delilah asked me.

"One of us has to drive home." I answered.

"Well I'm gonna get one." She replied.

I let out a sigh since I knew she'd do that. Even though I definitely wasn't the smart friend, I was definitely the more responsible one. On the rare occasion that we attended a party Delilah would always be the one to get wasted and it would be up to me to get her into the backseat of my car and then sneak her drunk body into her room without her parents noticing.

"Hey, Andrea right?" I heard someone ask.

I turned around to meet the face of Luke Hemmings, one of Calum's friends that was far less of an asshole than Calum was. Luke was also very good looking with his blue eyes, blonde hair, and broad shoulders.

"Yeah, why?" I replied.

"You looked kinda bored and I know I'm bored so I figured I'd come over." He answered.

"Parties aren't really my thing, so you're right about the bored part." I explained.

"Dragged here by a friend or something?" He joked.

"Actually yes." I responded.

"Quality friend you've got then." Luke said.

"She's sort of cool." I said. "How did you know my name though? I don't recall us ever speaking."

"Oh Calum is-" Luke said, but quickly stopping.

"Calum is what?" I asked.

"Calum is, uh he is, he's dog sitting for my uncle." Luke blurted.

"Really?" I asked dully, knowing he was lying.

"Yeah he has a thing for dogs. So my uncle asked him to dog sit." Luke explained.

"You're a horrible liar." I stated.

"What makes you think I'm lying?" Luke questioned.

"It could be the fact that he's over there sitting on the couch." I said, pointing in his direction.

"Uhhhh." Luke stammered, "I never said he was staying at my uncle's house.

"I'll just let you continue your lie, but I wouldn't recommend you keep lying. You're quite horrific at it." I said.

"Yeah, my mom says the same thing." Luke said.

"Well you should listen to her then." I advised, "I'm gonna go attempt to find my friend."

"Alright, I'll see you around then." He said.

"Yeah, see ya." I replied. I then turned around and headed to where I thought the kitchen was.

"Nice ass sweetheart."

"You wanna go upstairs?"

"You are looking extremely fine tonight."

I heard all the "compliments" from the disgusting fuckboys as I passed them in hopes of finding Delilah.

"Hey babe, how's it going?" Some random guy asked, putting his arm around my waist.

"It was going much better before you appeared." I replied, trying to remove his arm.

"That's not very nice sweetheart." The boy said.

"Does it seem like I care if it was?" I asked.

"I like feisty girls." He said, not seeming to get the hint that I didn't want his attention.

I then remembered Delilah's earlier advice and got ready to use it.

"Will you please leave me alone?" I asked.

"But what fun would that be?" He replied.

"Leave me alone." I said again.

"Nah, you seem like a fun time." He said, glancing at my cleavage.

"I gave you two chances, and I can tell you I won't regret what I'm about to do." I said.

He looked confused as I turned to him, not having a clue about what I was going to do. I then raised my knee and harshly hit him right in the balls. Just as Delilah had said he went straight down, groaning in the process.

"Next time a girl asks you to leave her alone you should listen." I said before I left the kitchen.

The amount of bodies in the next room was extremely overwhelming so I decided to head outside. I opened the sliding door and stepped into the cool air. Surprisingly no one was outside which was quite nice.

I had been standing outside for a few minutes when I heard the door slide open. Curious to see who it was I turned around, only to see someone I wasn't pleased to be around.


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