Call Me Daddy • C.H

"My name is Calum, but you can call me daddy."

"How about fuckboy instead?"


6. Ch.6 • Mixed Signals

I wasn't sure how to feel about the previous night. Part of me was ecstatic that I had nearly kissed Calum, and the other part had a feeling he was playing one of his usual games.

It was now Wednesday morning and sadly, I had just arrived at school. The air was just as cold as it was last night and I was once again wishing I had brought some sort of jacket.

I heard the first bell ring from inside the school building which meant I only had a few minutes to get to class, so I picked up my walking speed in order to make it.

I finally reached my destination and hurriedly got into my seat. I took out my notebook and the final bell rung, meaning I had just made it.

The announcements went by as slow and boring as ever, leaving wishing I actually was late.

"Now that the bulletin is over with, I have a new and exciting project for you guys." My teacher Mrs.Andrews said.

Some groans were heard in the classroom and I couldn't blame whoever did it. School projects were always boring.

"Since we are currently in our geography unit, you will be researching a country of your choice with a partner." Mrs.Andrews explained.

Everyone eagerly looked towards their friends, leaving me wishing I actually had one in this class.

"I will be the one picking your partners though." Mrs.Andrews said, causing disappointment to most people, but giving me the relief of not being the odd one out.

"I will be putting the list on the projector and I would like you to then sit with who ever you were assigned to." She explained.

The list was put on the screen and I instantly searched for my name.

Andrea Holly and Lauren Irwin

I actually got a good partners this time! Lauren was a slightly quiet, but funny girl who was an all around great person. I got up out of my chair and made my way over to where she was seated.

"Hi Lauren." I greeted.

"Hey Andrea. Do you have any county you'd want to work on?" She asked.

"I'm honestly cool with whatever, as long as it's not too boring." I said.

"I was thinking about Thailand. It's quite beautiful." She explained.

"Sounds great." I replied.

"I'm glad you agree. Would you want to come over to my house tonight so that we could work on it?" Lauren asked.

"Yeah sure." I responded.

"Here's my number, I'll text you my address later." She said.

"I'll see you then."

Two classes had passed and the one I had been looking forward to all day was next. Normally just the thought of going to English was enough to make me sick, but knowing that Calum was there changed things. I was quite conflicted with my feelings for him at the moment though.

Do I have a crush on him because he's hot?

Was it because we nearly kissed?

The fact that he's one of the few boys that even pays attention to me?

Or did I even have a crush on him at all? He'd been a complete jerk to me up until a few days ago, and I don't think he just randomly had a change of heart.

I took my seat next to where Calum was sitting, but he hardly gave me a glance.

"Hi Cal." I greeted.

All he did in response was give the "sup" head nod. I was instantly confused by his actions, as he didn't seem to be ignoring me last night.

"Are you feeling ok?" I asked.

"Yeah." He replied bluntly.

"You don't really seem like it. Are you su-"

"Yes I'm fine! Stop being so goddamn nosey and leave me the fuck alone!" He suddenly exclaimed.

And just like that my crush on him shrunk to a microscopic size.

"You're a real asshole you know that? All I was trying to do was be nice." I said to him.

"Well I didn't ask for you to be nice to me." He replied, not making eye contact the whole time.

"You were acting completely different last night." I pointed out.

"Well I won the game for the team so I was all hyped. That can sometimes make you do things you would normally never do." He said, suddenly turning towards me.

I knew he was indirectly talking about us nearly kissing, and I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't hurt.

"You are so strange you know that? One day you're a complete ass to me, then the next you're calling me 'sweetheart' and 'babe' all the time. Then you give me a concussion, and after that you invite me to your game and nearly kiss me! You are sending me so many mixed signals I'm not sure what to believe." I said.

"Well allow me to make it much clearer for you then." He said,"if you thought that we were a thing, or were going to be a thing, we weren't, and we definitely won't be." He replied rudely.

"Well I'm glad because I wouldn't want to be involved with someone who was such a self absorbed asshole." I responded.

His previous comment hurt though. As silly as it was, I thought we might've had a connection that could've gone somewhere.

"And I wouldn't want to be anywhere near a desperate bitch like you." He said harshly.

"Fuck you." I seethed.

"You wish you could." He replied.

Normally if he commented something like that I'd laugh it off as a friendly joke, but his rude words kept replaying in my head.

I suddenly found it funny how I was so excited to come to this class for the one reason that had now caused me so much hurt.

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