Call Me Daddy • C.H

"My name is Calum, but you can call me daddy."

"How about fuckboy instead?"


4. Ch.4 • I'll Beat You With A Spoon

You know that feeling you get about some people when all you want to do is hug and kiss them and make sure they never leave you?

I feel that way about my cat, and the opposite for Calum.

It was Monday morning once again and Calum was making sure that we wouldn't make any progress on our project. He was far too busy playing finger football with Michael to get anything done.

"Hey Michael, do you mind not distracting him? As unhelpful as he is, it's still a partner project." I told Michael.

"I would, but I don't want to work on mine either so..." He replied.

"That was very stupid of me asking you for help, as if you'd actually do it."

"You should know better sweetheart." He smirked, going right back to his game.

"Hey! Only I get to call her that!" Calum said.

"Getting possessive are we?" Michael joked.

"No I just-"

"Michael shut up." I interrupted.

"Yeah Michael." Calum agreed.

"You need to shut up as well." I informed Calum.

"But I thought-"



"Shh," I said, putting my finger to his mouth. "We are going to work on this project or I'll beat you with a spoon."

"Pfft how the hell are you going to beat me with a spoon? That wouldn't hurt." Calum laughed.

"If you don't think it would, would you allow me to hit you with one?" I asked.

"Try me."

But then I realized something.

Who the hell carries a spoon with them?

"Well you see I would but I, like most people, do not carry a spoon at all times." I explained.

"Well then let's ask Mr.Smitty for one." He suggested. "Mr.Smitty! Do you have a spoon?"

Mr.Smitty gave Calum a confused look before sighing and getting out of his chair.

"I do, but what could that possibly have to do with uh, Blink 182?" He asked, glancing at the tittle of our poster.

Calum sat there with his lips parted, and no words coming from them.

"Well you see, the members of Blink 182 met in uh, the spoon area of IKEA, and uh they were all buying the same kind of spoon and we were wanting to see if you had the same kind?" I lied, hoping he was gullible enough to believe me.

"Well if you say so..." He said, giving us a strange look.

He then placed it on our desk and walked away while shaking his head, muttering something about the strangeness of our generation.

"Did he seriously buy that?" Calum asked.

"I doubt it, he probably just didn't want to fight us." I answered.

"Well duh, who would want to fight me when I've got biceps like this." He boasted, flexing his arms.

I've got to admit, in that moment I forgot he was a complete dick, but I was quickly brought back to reality.

"Can I hit you with the spoon now?" I asked, eager to complete the task.

"Yeah, I doubt I'll feel it. My muscles are made of steel." He said.

"Wow you're so modest." I said sarcastically.

I then picked up the spoon and brought it to his arm. I pulled it back and let it slap against his skin, and he instantly flinched.

"Holy fuck." He cursed as he rubbed his wounded area.

"Muscles made of steel huh?" I said smugly.

"That didn't hurt at all, I uh was just uh, I uh" He stuttered.

"Lying won't get you any where." I replied before turning back to our poster and continued our work.

Class was almost over and I was eagerly waiting to leave.

"Hey Andrea before you go I was wondering if you'd want to go to my soccer game tonight." Calum asked, running his hand through his hair.

"I don't know, I'm usually pretty busy at night, Netflix just added new seasons to my favorite shows." I responded.

"Oh ok, thanks cool, you didn't have to go. I was just offering, sometimes the games are fun and sometimes not so I understand why you wouldn't want to." Calum rambled on.

"I was just kidding Cal, I'll be there." I laughed.

His face flushed pink as he replied, "Oh ok, it starts at 6 and it will get over at about 7:30 to 8."

The school bell then rang signaling that it was time for lunch.

"I'll see you tonight." I said to Calum.

"Yeah, I'll be looking for you." He replied as we left the classroom.

"He actually asked you to his game?" Delilah asked.

"Yeah, he seemed all nervous about it too, it was strange." I said.

"I bet he's into you." Delilah commented, "Or he wants to get into you."

"Delilah!" I exclaimed, laughing in the process.

We continued to eat our lunch while keeping a light conversation until the bell rang again.

Today was the last day that I was able to skip P.E. because if the minor concussion Calum gave me.

I just sat on the sideline as the two classes continued to play soccer or flag football against each other.

All I could focus on though was Calum. As he had pointed out earlier, he had fantastic biceps and I was really enjoying staring at them.

He turned my way and we made eye contact which instantly caused my checks to heat up, as he had seen me admiring him. A smile filled his face and he waved over at me, making multiple people look in my direction. I waved back at him, and the people looking at us got a confused look on their faces.

P.E was now nearly over and Calum was absolutely slaughtering the other team. In fact he had scored so many goals that our P.E. teacher decided to take him out of the game.

He jogged over to where I was sitting and sat down next to me. He had sweat dripping down his face and was breathing heavily.

"Hey sweetheart." He said between heavy breaths.

"Sup fuckboy." I replied.

Even though he was a sweaty mess he still looked like god and I couldn't help but admire him even more.

"I was doing pretty great wasn't I?"

"You just get more modest by the hour don't you?"

He laughed in response before running his hand through his hair, something I noticed he did often.

"Ok guys! Time to head in!" The teacher yelled, making everybody stop the game.

"Well I'll see you tonight." He said, before getting up and walking to the lockers, leaving me disappointed we didn't get to talk more.

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