Call Me Daddy • C.H

"My name is Calum, but you can call me daddy."

"How about fuckboy instead?"


3. Ch.3 • Something I Can't Say Because There's Children Here

The rest of the week passed without anything exciting, just as it usually does. It was now Saturday afternoon and I was sitting on my couch watching Netflix with my cat. A very typical Saturday for me.

My cat was quite fat and one of the only reasons I got out of be on weekends. He would constantly meow at me, like the attention whore he is, until I got up and fed him.

It was currently 12:34pm and I was already on my 2nd bowl of cereal. My dad always worked on the weekends, and my mom every other weekend. My younger sister Cecilia was still up in her room most likely coloring the day away.

I was in the middle if eating my cereal when the doorbell rang. Groaning as I got up, I set my bowl down and went to see who was at the door.

I opened it to see the familiar black hair of me best friend. "Chase what are you doing here, you know I don't like to do anything until at least 2."

"Well I'm bored and there's nothing to do at my house." Chase said walking into my house.

"Yeah sure just come on in." I said sarcastically.

"Oh please I didn't even have to knock if I didn't want to. I don't know if you remember but I have one of your house keys."

"Whatever. For being kinda rude though I'm not giving you any cereal."

"I didn't want any cereal from you any way."

I rolled my eyes at him again and followed him to the couch.

"What are you watching?" He asked grabbing my cereal bowl.

"We're watching Mean Girls, and you can't have my cereal."

"We watched Mean Girls last week though." He complained with a mouthful of cereal.

"If you don't want to watch it then feel free to leave."

"I would, but you'd end up missing me too much."

"As if."

I put my feet onto his lap and we continued to watch the movie.

We were only 10 minutes into the movie when Chase started annoying me again, "You're so boring now a days." he complained.

"That's because I'm around you so damn much."

"Actually most people would consider it a blessing to me near me."

It may seem as if he was some cocky asshole with an ego the size of Kim Kardashians butt, but if you'd never talked to him before he won't even make eye contact.

In fact when we first met, whenever we hung out it was just me talking and him nodding in response, but me being the babbler I was at the time couldn't have found a better friend.

He was also extremely good looking so I had always been glad that he was homeschooled, and I didn't have to intake girls throwing themselves at him. His hair was raven black and usually quite messy, but in an attractive sort of way. He wasn't too tall, only about an inch taller than me which was nice because he had some really comfortable sweatpants that I may or may not borrow all the time. My favorite physical trait about him though was his eyes, they weren't blue, but they weren't quite grey. They were nearly a silver color and they were memorizing.

Often times the two of us are mistaken as boyfriend/girlfriend, but we'd only dated for about 8 months back in freshman year, and he'd been a lot of firsts for me. But for some reason none of those things really affected us now.

An hour later we had finished the movie and the two of us, plus my little sister, were off to the park, still in our pajamas.

Since it was early October the air was cold and the trees were in the middle of turning bright orange.

"You should've worn longer pants." Chase commented.

"Well I didn't so..." I replied, starting to regret not changing before we left.

I looked down at my cold legs that were only covered to the mid-thigh by my black spandex, and a T-shirt that read, "Still Need More Sleep" which was always true.

"You look like one of those weird Walmart shoppers." Chase commented.

"I'm not going to get dressed up if I'm not going to see anyone I need to impress." I replied.

"You should always want to impress me."

"You've seen me when I had the stomach flu in 6th grade and I would literally puke every 20 minutes, trust me I don't look too bad."

"That whole puking thing was your fault, you kept eating ice cream even though you knew you couldn't keep it down."

"Well those few seconds that I got to taste it completely made up for the vomiting."

We had arrived at the park and Cecilia was already climbing up the play structure.

"Don't get hurt Cecilia." Chase told her.

"She's not going to respond to you, she wants us to call her Lia now. She says Cecilia is too formal for a 4 year old." I explained.

Chase and I then walked to our usual spot on the swings and watched as Lia made friends with another random child.

"I wish I had her social skills." I said as she ran to the monkey bars with her new friend.

"You think you have it bad? I don't have any other friends besides you and sort of Delilah."

"But you get to go to school in your pajamas and eat all day if you wanted."


The two of us then continued to swing until Lia and her new friend ran up to us.

"Andrea and Chase this is my friend Lillian." Lia introduced.

The girl was a little taller than Lia and had long black/brown hair. She was fairly tan and had ocean blue eyes.

"I'm here with my cousin!" She blurted excitedly.

"Oh, what's your cousin's name?" I asked, as if I was dying to know.

"Calum, he's really tall and good at soccer. He actually just finished his practice." She replied bubbly.

I quickly looked around me hoping that he wouldn't come over here, but to my dismay he was only a few feet away.

"Hey sweetheart." He smirked, making me internally screamed in upset-meant at the fact that he noticed me.

"Hello something-I-can't-say-because-there's-children-here."

"What were you going to say Andy?" Lia asked curiously.

"Yeah? What could you possibly call me that these lovely kids couldn't hear?" Calum mocked.

The kids looked at me in wonder and I searched my brain for an answer.

"Lia why don't you go get your jacket, it's almost time to go." Chase said, saving me from having to answer them.

"Ok Chazzy." She giggled as the two of them ran off. I often called Chase Chazzy, and over the years so did Lia.

"Thanks Chase." I sighed in relief.

"That's what I'm here for." He shrugged.

"Oh by the way Calum this is Chase, Chase this is Calum." I introduced.

The two of them awkwardly shook hands, and the little ones came running back.

"Ok Andrea I'm ready to go." Lia said.

"When are we gonna work on our project?" Calum suddenly asked.

"I'm good on most days, so whenever you're available." I replied.

"Ok, I'll let you know." He said. "Nice pajamas by the way."

I instantly looked down remembering what I was wearing, making my checks turn pink.

Lia then grabbed my hand and started tugging me away from the swings. "Let's go, I have more drawings to finish."

"Yeah ok." I said, eager to escape the embarrassment. Not only was I wearing pajamas, but I had smeared mascara on my face and my hair was in all directions.

"Come on Chase." I said, tugging his arm the same way that Lia had done.

"Later babe." Calum smirked.

"Why'd he call you babe?" Lia asked innocently.

"Because he's-something-I-can't-say-because-there's-children-here."

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