Call Me Daddy • C.H

"My name is Calum, but you can call me daddy."

"How about fuckboy instead?"


19. Ch.19 • Choices

For another moment I just stood there in shock, too caught off guard by what just happened to be able to move.

Calum or Ashton? Calum or Ashton?

That was the only question in my mind.

Ashton was cute, funny, sweet and treated my the way that I should be. Calum on the other hand liked to play little mind games with me, leaving me in constant confusion, but there was something about him that was nearly addictive to me. Despite both of them being so important to me, I knew which of them I really needed.

With my decision made I pushed my way out of the house, not even fazed by the weird things that I managed to step on.

"Wow, I really need to exercise more," I said to myself once I made it outside, stopping for a second to catch my breath.

However I quickly snapped out of it and went back to my initial plan. I searched down the long road of cars in hopes of seeing his tall figure, but with no luck.

Now I was more stressed than ever. There was no chance that he'd ever talk to me again if I never got the chance to explain myself now. So with that I jogged of the porch steps and down to the sidewalk. As I looked to my left there were no people, just an row of cars that seemed never ending. Then when I looked to my right I saw his car pulling out, and I realized I needed to get there before he left me forever.

I broke into a run after him, yelling his name as I went in attempt for him to wait for me. For a brief moment he looked back and me, our eyes meeting. At the moment his face seemed to look even sadder than it previously had and I felt a pang in my chest because I was the reason for his sadness.

"You've already hurt me enough, what could you possibly want now?" He asked, sadness lacing his voice.


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