Call Me Daddy • C.H

"My name is Calum, but you can call me daddy."

"How about fuckboy instead?"


1. Ch.1 • Fuckboy

I sat into my seat, extremely eager to learn what our teacher had prepared for us.

Just kidding, I really didn't care.

It's not like anyone actually did. Our teacher was a man who was clearly going bald and was starting to see that all his life would add up to was teaching a bunch of seniors things that none of them cared about.

I sat in my usual seat which was right next to the window so I could absentmindedly stare outside, wishing to be free of this prison.

Today class could potentially be a little fun though. At the beginning of each month we were assigned a project and a partner for the entire month. Last month my partner was the really smart kid. He did most of the work and only let me color the poster.

In all honestly I didn't care about whoever my partner was, as long as I didn't have to do all the work. That would be a bad move on their part though because there was an extremely high chance that I'd make us fail.

Class had started about 3 minutes ago and our teacher Mr.Smitty was explaining our new project. "This month you will be researching a person or group that has some sort of special talent. It can be a band, an actor, an inventor, or anyone that can do something that most people can't. You will have to find out everything from the list I gave you and then put it together in any form you wish. We will work on it twice a week in here, everything else must be done on your own time. Now for the moment you've all been waiting for, your partners of October!" Mr.Smitty said, sounding quite enthusiastic. He liked this project because he didn't have to teach us hardly anything, he just made sure we stayed on track.

"Julia and Kim. Oliver and Kate. Riley and James." He continued calling out partners and I watched my options get narrowed down.

So far all the smart ones had been picked and all the other good options were slowly running out. There were only 6 people left, 4 of which I wouldn't mind having as a partner, but they were far from my first choice. There was Anthony, he was still heavily in the anime faze which wasn't that bad, but it was all he talked about and I knew nothing about it. Then there was Carly who seemed normal enough, but I'd only ever heard her say about two words. The next two were into hard core screamo, and while some was good, they listened to the kind where it was basically just one giant scream that went on for 2-4 minutes.

Although none of them would be the best fit for me, I just hoped that I wouldn't be stuck with Calum Hood. There were two things that everyone must know about Calum. First, he was undeniably the most attractive thing I had ever seen, even more so than pizza, which was saying a lot. Sadly though the second thing to know is that even though he's attractive as hell, he was also the biggest asshole I've ever met.

"The last two pairs will be Sam and Carly, and finally Andrea and Calum."

"Dammit." I muttered. I'd gladly take the screamo guys any day.

"Now everyone please take a seat next to you partner and discuss what your project will be about." Mr.Smitty directed. "These seats will also be your seats for the rest of the month."

I sighed as I got out of my seat, extremely unhappy about having to work with Calum. I shuffled my feet across the tile floor, hoping it would take me more time to get there.

"Hurry up will you?" I heard him ask, sounding quite annoyed.

"Don't get your panties in a twist." I said under my breath as I sat into my seat.

"Well that wasn't too nice now was it sweetheart?" He asked cockily.

"You would know considering you're so damn rude all the time."

It may seem as if I was just being a bitch to him for no reason, but I had multiple encounters with him, none of which were pleasant.

I then reached into my backpack and pulled out my English notebook. "What do you want to work on?"

"I don't care."

"That doesn't sound like too great of a project idea."

"I don't appreciate your sarcasm."

"Just because you don't appreciate it doesn't mean I'm not going to use it."

He then paused before speaking again,"Your name is Andrea right?"

"Yeah, but I'd prefer it if you called me Andy."

"Well I'm Calum, but you can call me daddy."

"How about fuckboy instead?"


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