Death's Bride

still working on the summary.....


2. Chapter Two

The creature's eyes have a dark glint to them and its fangs are jutting out of its snout. It's a wolf and it's tensed to spring. I'm not sure what to do, but my instincts say to run. Before I know it the choice is taken out of my hands as it wastes no time and lunges at me. Oh, no, there's blood. Wait that's my blood. "What? Why is their blood all over the place, no more wolf, and I'm not dead?!?!" Not only was i talking to myself, but I wound up passing out not seconds after I had just finished talking.

When I wake up it's not to the normal scenery. It's instead a beautiful castle that convinces me that I've got to still be dreaming. Of course that doesn't actually make sense and I know it. Whenever I dream it's either of nightmarish things or luxurious places like this castle, but I'm never just laying down like I am now. No, in my dreams I'm always doing something. Ugh, can't I just roll over and go back to sleep? I mean I'm so tired and my arm hurts. "Maybe you should take it easy and rest, but my queen won't be happy to hear that you're actually hurt so please relax and wait while I go to get the royal doctor." I'm shocked to hear a voice and nothing they're saying sounds even remotely normal and doesn't make sense. "Wha-what?" I say as I attempt sitting up only to have a wave of nausea and dizziness come over me. Next thing I know I'm being pushed back down and told "Please sweety lay back down the doctor will be here momentarily." That voice it sounds amazing and I can't help but feel so relaxed by it. Not only does the guys voice sound nice, but when he leaned in close to me I could smell him and I have to say his smell is heavenly and he now has me practically starstruck at how amazing he seems. I haven't even known him for more than all of two seconds and haven't even seen his face clearly, but I'm more attracted to him than I've ever been to anyone.

I don't know why, but suddenly I can't think about anything, but him. It's like my curiosity for where I am and what happened doesn't matter nearly as much as knowing anything and everything about him. I don't know why, but this scares me more than anything else that has happened before. I know I can't afford to lose myself in him when there are clearly more important issues at hand than this feeling I can't seem to shake about him. I wind up not caring how much my head and arm is killing me and back up on the bed and hug my knees to my chest trying to get as far away from him as I possibly can.

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