Death's Bride

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3. Chapter Three

Death's Point of View


I have another death to attend to, but this isn't what bothers me it's that it's at my mate's house. She doesn't know about me yet or any other part of her life that makes her special. Maela is her name and it's the most beautiful name I could imagine. I suppose that only makes sense with how special she is. She has more power in her little finger than most supernatural beings do in their whole body even after years of knowing about their abilities. She doesn't even know about what she is or what she can do since we've wanted to let her grow up among humans and live a normal life. I've known about her being mine since she was born and I've only found that I love her more as each day passes and I haven't even had a chance to properly meet her. I've only seen her a few times, but never with her knowing. Her grandfather has been close to death on so many occasions that it's almost funny, except it's not.

Now I'm waiting outside her house and I can tell that she is the only one home and that worries me. Her protectors aren't even home. Her protectors are almost like her family and they're bears. Or at least their disguise is as teddy bears. They aren't here, but why aren't they? Usually one of them is here resting on her bed. Since she doesn't really need them emotionally anymore they just rest on her bed. They have a kingdom of Protectors that are disguised as Teddy Bears much like them. Not all are Teddy Bears for their disguises and not all Teddy Bears are protectors. They are spread throughout different worlds and dimensions and only go to those who are deemed to need one. The Protectors are always assigned to the child for the child's whole life. Usually there is only one Protector per child at most, but Maela has the Royal family since she is so important. There's quite a few of them. It's kind of cute what she named them and of course they chose to keep the names she gave them thinking it was a privilege since she is such an important and powerful being for the future of everything.

The Royal family consists of the king and queen, the queen's sister, her sister's wife, the queen & king's two daughters, the eldest daughter's husband, and the eldest daughter's daughter. They're quite a few of them, but since each protector has an extra skill and are good for different things they are assigned to their child based on the child's skills. Maela is good and bad at different things and will have a lot on her plate once her second part of her life starts, the supernatural part. Purple Bear is the queen and she is good at a bit of everything, but is mostly there for Maela's best friend. Thus she was brought into Maela's life first. The king is Mr. Purple Bear and he is good as a doctor, but his skill is as a chef. He was brought in 3rd and at the point where my beautiful mate started to want to be a chef herself. It's really sad to know her dreams will be a bit shattered once her second phase of her life starts, but I know it's what she was created to do. The youngest daughter is often called baby pink Bear by Maela, but she just took the baby off since she isn't a baby any more. Her skill is somewhat split between song writing and Fashion designer, but is mostly the later. She is generally good at art in general, but her skills are what she is best at. She was brought in second and was more so due to my mate's clothing taste not being all that great and was getting her more bullying then normal. That really bothered me that she was bullied and it was hard to accept my place of sitting back when that was happening. The eldest daughter, Sugar Bear, came in after her dad and 4rth. Her skill is a bit unclear in a way, but is organization. She can type up the best lists and research just about anything. She can make spaces that are super small fit more than they usually would and even more. My mate can fit like a pound of candy in a space that most people would only be able to fit maybe 3/4 or 1/2 of that amount. Maela also needed to be able to keep things organized to do well in school. Sugar Bear and her husband and daughter came into the picture later and so weren't named after their colors. Sugar Bear's husband is called Trent Bear and he is probably the most future time oriented other than his daughter. His skill is adventuring, which is also somewhat general. he can tell you all about creatures, plants, money, and more for most planets and dimensions that exist. Gwen bear is Purple bear's only granddaughter. She is the tiniest, but don't be fooled by her age or tinyness because her skill is combat gear. She knows everything about weapons and armor and can create her own gear for others to use. The most unaccepted by humans couple is probably the two aunts: Pink Bear and Violet Bear. Since they are both female and married. They both complement each other's skills as one is dancing and one is music. Maela is very music and dance oriented and loves to dance and practically has to listen to music all the time in order to be happy.

None of them are here and all of them being at the castle isn't going to keep my mate safe. Ah, shoot. There's a wolf right in front of my mate and I didn't even notice it since I was too busy fuming over them not being here. Well, I'm not going to have it be her who dies today. I'm going to protect her and that wolf will lay at my feet dead. As the wolf lunges I jump in front of it and brutally murder it. There is blood everywhere and she must be in shock as she soon passes out. Oh well. The Bears will be upset that I'm going to have to take my mate to their kingdom, but they weren't here. I guess that means she'll have no choice, but to be brought into the second phase of her life now. It's a bit early, however since she won't be able to use her powers until she is about half way through her 15th year. I suppose 5 years isn't long to wait.

I lay her down on the bed of her room in the Bear's castle. She has a room here since it was being planned that she would come here eventually. I go to get the king and queen and tell them about what happened since they are clearly upset that he is here so early. I kneel with my head down when I see them. I suppose it's only polite to respect their status since it's their kingdom I'm in. Of course sice I'm death it goes against my nature to yield to anyone, but since they are responsible for my mate I don't wish to show disrespect. "You may stand Death, but you should know we're still not happy with you and a bit of respect won't help the situation so you might as well throw your formalities out fo rnow." I roll my eyes and stand. "Now why in the world did you bring her here? You know she wasn't supposed to be here until she at least finished middle school. She is only ten and in 6th grade." "Do you really think I don't know that? Plus she's almost eleven, you know. If one of your brood had been at her home maybe she wouldn't have gotten attacked. Also she clearly isn't happy at that house and she didn't even have one of her human family members at home. Of course I never expected much from them since they aren't even her family, but still. She had no one and yet you dare tell me that I'm in the wrong! She was the person who was scheduled to likely die next on my list! What kind of a person can sit there and acuse someone of being in the wrong for saving a life that didn't even want to end?" I'm not sure if I was being harsh or not, but at least they seemsed to be relenting. A knock at the door and then the doctor runs in and tries to kneel down. I pick him up and force him to stand shaking him. "What do you think you're doing? There is no time for formalities. You should know that by now. Now tell me if my mate is okay!"

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