Death's Bride

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6. Chapter Six

Maela's Point of View


Is it just me or is this some kind of cruel joke? I mean all of this is getting crazier by the second and seeing as how the only thing that happened me after being bitten by a werewolf was me crying myself to sleep. Then waking up in a completely different place with a blood red sky and dark green grass that was covered in sticky red blood. Now I was running in a forest with Freddy Kreuger close behind, which makes me wonder since he is supposed to only exist in your dreams. At this very second I was stuck pressed up against a tree on my back since I tripped over a tree root. I guess that's why you don't run, but what other choice was there really. Suddenly he put his hand to my cheek and stroked it causing a slight cut on my cheek. It stung, but wasn't as bad as it surely would be. Then his lips were at mine and.....

I was back in the throne room being kissed by Pain and I gotta say it disgusted me and there was just something so wrong about it. "Oh, hell no! You didn't just kiss my girl! I thought I could trust you since we were best friends, but obviously not if you're going to put your hands all over my mate when my back is turned!" I flinched when I saw Death storm over towards us with the most menacing look displayed on his face. His black eyes seemed more hardened and like they had their own personal fire burning in them. I strangely felt compelled to comfort him and help him settle down and yet I was too busy feeling like I was ruined. I had never been kissed before and being kissed by that player definitely wasn't what I expected my first kiss to be like. I had wanted my first kiss to come on my terms and to actually have wanted the kiss and to have been able to choose who the first person I kissed would be. I suppose I shouldn't have expected so much since it's not like I hadn't been abused so much already in my life. I guess if everyone wants to hurt and abuse me then that's all I'm good for. I must not actually be worth a thing and not deserve having my feelings considered.

I knew there wasn't any use in running any more, so I gave in and gave up. Let them do what they wanted to me it's not like I could stop them anyway and if I ran they would just drag me back here again. I was theirs and I knew that I couldn't stop them from taking whatever they wanted from me. So I just cowered in the corner and waited for whatever would come. As I sat I heard someone talking to Death, someone female. " Stop throwing him around, Death. You know he was just trying to help and if you were the one to kiss her she would have hated you instead of him. Her body also wouldn't have been as likely to pull her out of the trance it was in. Plus your violence is only serving the purpose of frightening her. I mean if you'd pay attention to her you'd know that she is cowering in the corner questioning what you want from her. She feels like you'll abuse her and like she's worth nothing. Can't you see it, it's in her eyes. Just because your her soul mate and she was made for you as you were made for her doesn't mean that she can't fear you or even be disgusted, angry, or upset by you. She may be strong on the outside, but you forget that we all have been mistreated in our past and sometimes the people we can trust the most are the ones who give us our space and give it time for us to learn to trust."

Death seemed almost ashamed and really rather upset and when he left and took Pain with him I felt somehow sad to see him go even though I also felt relieved. He was so violent and dark in nature, but I could tell that he must have tried to look after me and was struggling to cope with something. That day was the last I would see of him for a while, but I knew that no matter how long he stayed away he would come back. Turns out that I couldn't go back home and I had a lot to learn. I suppose I felt betrayed and yet felt like I could trust my protectors once I found out that those childish notions I had given up were actually more important to me than how childish it felt to talk to someone who looked like a stuffed bear. It made me think I was crazy at first, but I slowly accepted that it was real when days passed and it was still real. I had to say I did feel special when I was given a huge room in the castle to myself. It was kind of creepy having people know about me and having a room and everything already set up for me, but it was nice. My room had the most beautiful tapestries on the walls with the most detailed and elegant designs. My bed was a huge 4 poster bed and was like heaven it was so comfortable. The bed was covered in huge fluffy quilts and silk sheets and my two favorite blankets from my step-mom's house. One was a soft cream-colored queen size blanket my dad bought. The other was a farm animal blanket I had gotten when I was like four that was from my grandparents. It was black and white with one side being the opposite of the other. One side was mostly black with white details for the animals and fence with the other the opposite. It had kind of outgrown it and it wasn't very big, but it was one of the few things I had to remind me of my grandparents. The whole room was decorated in dark colors like purple and black with a bit of white or cream colors. Most of the furniture was made of a rich dark wood. Other than the bed there wasn't actually much since it was a traditional type of castle. I had a dresser, a sofa, and a bookcase. They had electricity and everything that Earth had, but their entire world was very old-fashioned. I wound up having a portable rechargeable dvd player added so i could watch my shows from my home. I also was given an iPod that had wi-fi, which they had to go through a lot of trouble to bring here and connect with my home's internet. I really appreciated it and was more comfortable here because of it. They probably didn't have to do that, but I also probably would have been extremely upset without having music. I loved music and it was very important to me. I couldn't properly sleep without it and it's been that way for next to forever.

I did have to work hard while I was here, but if I didn't have something to do it probably would have gotten extremely boring here. I had to learn a lot and so was tutored every day in the mornings until lunch time. I had to learn everything a normal human school teaches and then about the society and nature of the people who live here. Once that was completed i would get to start learning about the fun stuff like werewolves and what not. After lunch I had to train and learn how to fight and to debate. Since the universes were a dangerous place I had to learn to fight and debate. I had to learn how to fight with every type of weapon that existed in any of the dimensions. I spent one day on each weapon learning its uses, what they're made of, a brief history of them, and then how to use it. Then during the last hour before dinner time I got to choose a weapon I had already learned about to practice with and ask any questions about that I wanted. The debate was usually the first thing that was done after lunch. It was so I could learn to argue and speak more clearly. I needed to learn how to solve problems without using violence. There was also an hour after debate and before the weapon training where I got to do something unique. It was always different every week. Things like reading body language effectively or reading tones of voice were covered as well as more unusual things like whittling, which was useful if you wanted to make weapons from wood or for a unique hand crafted gift. After Dinner I was exhausted at first, but after a while I wasn't as tired and could spend a couple of hours relaxing and doing whatever I wanted. About that time I started requesting books. I would read everything I could get my hands on and fall asleep with my head in a book like it was a pillow. I loved curling up with a good book and falling asleep with the stories still running around in my head. I usually was listening to music too and the music was usually matching the mood of the story I was reading.

Yep, I had the life and I was finally starting to get comfortable. I was now 14 and a half. Today was the worst day of my life. My grandfather passed away in his sleep and so I lost what I had left to miss of my old life that there was to miss. I can't help but blame my dad for bringing me to that wretched place with that wretched woman and her mom and son. My mom had practically abandoned me since she willing gave up custody of us and made promises to call or pick us up and then never do so. My grandma and me were always in fights even though we were close. Then there was my sister who I would never be able to trust again even if I forgive her. The people who you put your trust in are supposed to always be there for you and actually care about you. Not leave you feeling worthless and like you are worth nothing. They aren't supposed to take your trust and break it and just let you feel so alone. I'm glad that I have something to hold onto now, but I now realize that it comes at a cost. I haven't seen a single human being in so very long, at least not in the flesh. I still called my grandfather and I knew he wasn't well, but who would have thought that one night his heart would just stop beating? I was allowed that privilege since I stopped trying to run away and was willing to talk things out. I also called Molly, but other than that I cut off all other human contact. Now the only people I see is the protectors and mostly my own protectors. When I heard the news I couldn't stand it and I felt like I needed some kind of release. I felt like I wanted someones shoulder to cry on.

I started to think of Death and how I hadn't seen him a couple of years. It instantly sent a surge of sadness and longing through me, but I couldn't look him in the eye now. He was a grim reaper and he was my soul mate. He loved me, yet he would take the souls of all my loved ones. How could I be his mate when he was such a dark and violent person? He was actually responsible for all the souls even if there were multiple grim reapers because he was the prince of death. I was his princess, but I felt like it was some kind of a cruel joke. I hated violence and I hated all the cruelty of the world. I wanted to ease pain and suffering and although death is a form of release it shouldn't be the solution. Life is beautiful and is full of surprises. Things can always get better or worse, but no matter how bad it gets if you have any chance of redemption or for things to get better than you shouldn't give up. Although I suppose I'm not really the choice person to say that since I almost feel like giving up. I mean what if I'm not fit for a life like this. I know that eventually things will get a lot more dangerous soon. After all my training is getting harder and my debate classes and what not have even been removed. I've already learned everything any human school could teach me no matter what level of schooling. I've already learned all the important stuff about this world's society. So now things are getting really tense. In the mornings I get to learn all about cooking since I always wanted to be a chef and loved cooking. The dream is now next to impossible, but I still love cooking so they are teaching me. I am learning about every kind of food from different dimensions and even about herbs and stuff so even if I was in the wilderness I could still make a meal worthy of a 5 star restaurant. I actually have to take on the entire royal army from her and fight them. Each day I have one person added and I have to defeat the group with all of them coming at me at one time. Thing is even if I don't have to kill anyone now I may have to in the future. I don't want to be someone who brings death and unhappiness and married to Death himself. The cold-hearted prince of darkness who might as well be solely responsible for my grandfather's death.

You know I wonder what they'd do if I was no longer able to marry him? After all if I removed myself from the equation then there may not be any problems in the future. I'm destined to have to stop all this darkness, but if the darkness is coming because I'm still here and alive then what if I wasn't? Without another thought on the issue and completely determined to put my plan into action I head into the forest that lies next to the castle.

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