Death's Bride

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7. Chapter Seven

Death's Point of View


It's been a hard couple of years for me. My mate might as well have rejected me, but instead of having the guts to do so herself she had the queen, that protected of hers that is merely a weak stuffed animal. For now, at least, since Maela hasn't been brought to power yet since she just now turned 14 & 1/2 exactly. She only now has the possibility to have any potential of supernatural ability. I need to see her so much and contrary to what most the need to at least see her gets worse. There is no forgetting or longing less for her as time passes. Even my hunger that overwhelms me now as I go to harvest another soul isn't enough to cover up the need to see her. Hopefully I'll be able to be with her after her 15th birthday at last because otherwise I may go insane with the heat ache not seeing her causes.

Of course I'll have to be in her life before her 16th and that isn't just my needs and wants it's like some fancy part of some stupid, long, and complicated prophecy or something. Whatever it is it really ticks me off that I can't enjoy scaring the living daylights out of my victims as easily anymore. I can't get that rush from the thrill of the hunt and the terrorizing of my victims I usually do as part of the ritual I do when claiming their souls. Of course usually it's just the bad people and it's done to paralyze them with fear as much as anything. It's just usually more fun, but with that damn girl running through my head I can't concentrate.

Well since that's over I might as well see who's next on the list, although I'll probably assign it to someone else, I always like to keep tabs. Ah my beautiful castle is finally within view with its dark and almost violent essence warning others away from it. I love all the pain and violence and darkness in my life. I thrive on it and it comforts me to such a degree that my dreams are never good unless they're a nightmare. Even those horror movies that those humans have are nothing compared to the very realness of the pain and suffering I inflict. That's one of the biggest reasons why I hate the fact that with so little effort she can command my attention. I'm not happy usually if there is a ton of luvy dovy moments or otherwise happy either. That's for those overly dramatic humans, but one look at her and I'm falling head over heels for her again. 

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