Death's Bride

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9. Chapter Nine

Death's Point of View


"Sire?" Another one of my men were here, but from his troubled look I knew they still hadn't found her. Guess there'll be a couple dozen more deaths tonight then. I couldn't help but still feel outraged that my beautiful Maela had run away and already 1/2 a year had passed and still no sign of her anywhere. The Bear family has been wary since her 15th birthday is in 6 months and that meant she could already be overwhelmed by her own power. They already realize that she had started with the shape shifting not a day after her 14th, which meant that she could be much worse after a whole 6 months. They were looking in every dimension and time period they could think of to find her. They even called her father, not the fake human father who she used to be with, but her real one. He loves her beyond a doubt and regrets not having been able to see her for the last 14 1/2 years of her life, but it was entirely necessary. he wasn't supposed to meet her until she turned 15, but if he runs into her in his travels then it would be best that she be brought back so her power can be kept from overwhelming her and causing her to unexpectedly hurt someone. It would probably crush her and leave her scarred for life with the innocent blood on her hands. "SIRE?!?" argh!! "Can't you see that I'm busy here? I mean I realize I told you to give me reports on the progress on finding her, but I don't need to know if she hasn't been found! Now leave, unless, do you have something else to say?" He seems to be even more nervous, but he stutters out "Y-ye-yes sire! The girl's father is here and he says he needs to see you and that it's urgent! S-sir?" The last bit came out as more of a question. The grim reaper was new and so was weak, but he would soon learn to stop showing weakness since I was the only one to say if someone's death could be changed so it didn't happen. He should know that if he wanted to survive as a grim reaper then he needed to get up and stop acting so weak. He wasn't any more important to me then dirt was, but if he messed up there would be Hell" to pay. "Well? What are you waiting for? Show me where he's at!"


 Hopefully there's good news and he's found her because if I had to wait longer then I wouldn't be able to stop myself from losing control of myself around her. It really wouldn't do much good to kill her after such a long search for her. I've had to wait for years watching her grow up and I know she's not one from running from her problems usually so I suppose maybe all of this is a bit much. I mean when I first found out that she was mine I got rather frustrated because I really didn't want to have some girl distracting me. To make matters worse she wasn't very old and I had to wait for years for her to even know about me. Ever since she turned four I've watched over her. At first it was out of curiosity. Then when I saw how her mom and dad were practically at each other's throats arguing all the time and then getting divorced she took it so better than some other kids would have. Her whole life turning upside down at such a young age. She moved in with her grandparents and soon started school. She was young, but she understood all about her parents divorcing and she never once blamed them or hated them for not seeing her as often or separating. That was when I started to wonder why she was so different and so calm about everything when even her sister would cry and throw a fit about not seeing her mom and wanting their parents to get back together.

When she started kindergarten she was still with her grandparents at first, but later in the year she moved in with her dad and his new girlfriend Elizabeth. Her sister at first was separated from her and lived with her mom. Maela so rarely saw her sister or mom, but she never once thought to question either of them. She got so close to Kaleb, that woman's son, at least for the first few years. She was such a troublemaker those first few years and really rather reckless. I'm not even sure what set her off to do that, but she seemed to get worse every day. Her mom soon enough no longer and either daughter living with her. I started to get a bit busier and couldn't watch her as often around that time, but it soon enough wouldn't matter. She had an actually teddy bear that was just like the queen bear protector. The bear looked exactly like the queen in every detail, but soon the stuffing fell out at the seams. Her dad's girlfriend wasn't very mother ly to the girl and so she didn't have it sewn up and instead insisted that it be thrown out in a way that suggested she was disgusted by the way the girl had a favorite toy. It was through that we were able to have the queen make an appearance as a replacement for that bear during the second time her father got together with Elizabeth. Honestly. I don't think the girl would have accepted the gift since she knew the woman was trying to replace the bear as she was trying to replace the girl's own mother. The woman didn't even really want her or her sister, Rosa, since they weren't her blood, but she seemed to thrive on getting to have things her way and down grading others. Every time that her father and Elizabeth got back together it was worse for Maela and Rosa with Maela, somehow taking the worst of the woman's negative behavior towards the girls' onto herself and away from Rosa.

Towards the end of the first time to the middle of the second time Elizabeth and the girl's father were together Maela acted out in school. She was a trouble maker and did everything from taking plastic knifes to school to stealing a tape measure from school. Somehow Elizabeth's efforts to make Maela into what she thought in some twisted way was the perfect child only made her act out. During the break between the 1st and 2nd time being with her she was with her grandfather and saw how bad it was for him when she acted out this way and so already felt bad about acting out since she cared so much for her grandfather. Between being bullied at school, not wanting to hurt her grandfather, and Elizabeth's impression on her she was slowly making progress at getting better in school after the 2nd time of being with Elizabeth in her life. She began to be abusive towards Rosa however and had a short temper when it came toward her sister. She next to never smiled anymore and had practically no friends due to nearly a whole school bullying her. She had to have been lonely, but she never showed it and she nearly never showed emotions, except perhaps annoyance, anger, and love. She was always getting into disputes with her sister and hitting her sister, but she felt guilt and you could see it in the way her eyes showed it when she was alone in her room. She still loved her sister as she did all of her family. She always insisted on never being weak and pressing onwards even if it seemed like everyone else was against her. She was weak and fell apart and cried every once in a while for the pain and weakness that her grandfather had. Even before he died she'd cry and worry about him knowing he would pass soon enough. She seemed to be showing signs of who she was even when she was first-born through her connection to her grandfather. Whenever she was upset and having a bad day when she was younger and taken care of by her grandparents, mom, and dad they's know that her grandfather wasn't going to have a good day health wise. As she got older she still had similar behavior, except she wouldn't be around him most of the time. Plus she's get a strange sort of itch that wouldn't go away no matter how much she itched her nose accompanied by a feeling sometimes. If it came with a feeling it meant something bad would happen and she'd usually have that exact feeling when it happened. If there was no feeling attatched it just meant that something bad would happen, but generally less severe then the ones accompanied by the feelings.

I'd started to fall for her by the time she was going back to live with her dad and Elizabeth again, but I started to care for her the second time around. I'd also gotten busier and busier as the years went by and so depended on the bears to do their job and protect her, but I guess there is only so much they can do. They can't really sooth her with words and tell her it'll be okay or save her from Elizabeth or her family's harsh words. By now she'd even managed to turn her laughs silent and into simple little smiles and talked less so when she found out she was moving again she made a firm decision to not talk very much, if at all. She didn't want the stress of being made fun of as she had for as far as she could remember and figured if she shut up and just concentrated on her school work she might just survive. She actually did well and throughout her fifth grade year and the first half of sixth grade she got at least merit roll and then she got honor roll from then on. She impressed everyone with how intelligent she was and wasn't made fun of, which was more than enough for her, at least at school. At home it was worse than ever from what I heard from the Bears, although eventually they stopped telling me exactly how, they still told me that she was abused and miserable at home. She was still strong and perhaps even more so than ever before. Nothing fazed her anymore they said and no one could really hurt her, but inside she was breaking and hurt. They told me not to worry about it, though, and with how busy I was I just had to take their word for it, but I think we all know that what happened there could be why she can't trust anyone and keeps running away. They say that even when her grandfather died that she didn't really cry after they told them and she didn't cry when I saw her as she was leaving. I'm not sure, but somehow I get the feeling that she blames me for his death, but he knew it was his time and he was okay with it and accepted it as his last heart beat came. I get the feeling that it's so much more than that, though, and I've seen how she flinches away from my touch and saw how she disliked my best friend Pain and he's a real Casanova who wins every girls heart over so easily. He says that guys were practically staring at her and talking about her, but she'd always walk away or think it was a joke if some guy asked her out. She just seemed so uncomfortable with guys so much as bumping into her, yet she sounded so confident in herself and never unwilling to share her real opinion and how strong her opinions really were. He said she had a few friends, but that she still seemed reluctant to even accept them and let them into her life. He said she had the most amazing reading voice and how everyone would always compliment it and how she actually loved to read. He said you'd almost think she was a teacher's pet, except she didn't run around trying to gain the attention of teachers. You could really see his respect for her and yet I still couldn't help but get jealous that he knew her better than I did, but I also just really hate how i can't just forget her and not take the chance of getting hurt and rejected. I love my job even if that sounds sick I can't help it it's just so thrilling to hunt down my prey and watch them cower away from me or run. I love it when they run after all it's not like they ever get away and playing with them is so much fun. Then there's the way it feel as their life's essence pours into me once I finally have them in my grasp. Maybe, I'm a monster and maybe that'll be all she'll see in me, but honestly I'm not worried since in the end if she rejects me her life's essence will be that much more amazing than the rest that it won't matter.

It's been a long walk since this castle is so big and he decided he just had to park practically on the exact opposite side of the castle from me. "There you are! Now, tell me why you had to park so far away! I mean sure the exercise isn't difficult or anything, but I have souls to collect and really can't be wasting my time here! Now where is she?!" His laughter just rolls over me as he rolls his eyes and walks over to me and hugs me. Honestly I'm definitely not one for being friendly usually, but I can't help but love the friendly and easy personality of Maela's father. "Oh, come on you know you missed me! Now you know I can't bother to park my T.A.R.D.I.S. very well since she still seems to want to be stubborn and not take me exactly where I want to go, but hey that's besides the point. Sides don't tell me you don't know that after all I've told you tons of times and that Doctor Who show has most of the things right and my daughter watches it all the time and I know how much you love admiring her from a distance." He was joking around about how a lot of the things humans write about are actually real again and it was true my mate loved that show. It's uncanny how much she actually seems to sense is actually real before it even happens.

Of course if you ask me it's all a waste of time. Watching television and reading novels are just a stupid and pitiful way of living life without actually living it. If you ask me lounging around the house is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you could make if you actually want to properly use your time. Of course if you leave the house there is more chance of getting hurt and possibly dying, but hey it's all good to me. Another day, another hundred or so deaths. Yep, can't really say I care about who dies or when, but it's pitiful how boring and lazy some people are. Watching these people's lives flash past their eyes as I devour their soul during their last moments and a lot of the time I can't help but get bored by their lack of actually living. This man right here in front of me may be over a 1,000 years old, but at least he has lived his life for all it's worth. The farther he goes on in life and the more exciting his adventures the more times he comes so very close to dying permanently, but you wouldn't hear him saying that he regrets not living his life to its fullest. No, if anything it would be that he won't get to stay around for anymore adventures and that there is still so much more for him to learn, but overall you know he has lived his life and throughout all his mistakes and accomplishments he still moves on and tries to just live.

I suppose that kind of makes me a horrible hypocrite, though, since I won't let my mate live her life the way she wants and enjoy it. I suppose most of my obsession over her isn't even about wanting her but rather in feeling like she is my responsibility. Since she was supposedly made for me I should take care of her, have to even. That if I reject her I might regret it and that I can't just merely kill her or else I'd cause myself more pain than my past has already caused me. I never chose this life and I never chose her, but I guess I have a responsibility and I can't shrink away from that because it's the only way I will ever be able to prove myself and prove them wrong, make them all wish they never doubted me. "Are you even listening or are you day dreaming?" Coming out of my daze I realize he's smirking at me. "Oh, shut up! Honestly it's not like you've said anything important. Heck all you've been talking about is yourself, which honestly isn't interesting at all." He just rolls his eyes not bothering to show any respect at all. "What a prissy little girl you are just because you're overly self-interested doesn't mean you have to rain on everyone else's parade you know. Now, I realize you're overly concerned about my daughter and all, but would you chill! I mean she's fine and it's not like she wants to hang out with you any ways!" Freaking moronic time lord thinks he's so much better than everyone else, honestly! What the heck is wrong with him? Throwing him up against one of the walls I let all the anger and venom I am feeling drip into my words. "You know what? I couldn't care less what she wants and I'm tired of you and everyone else's stupid moronic fucking attitude toward me. Just because she's my soul mate and I finally found my other half doesn't mean that I have to deal with all of your moronic attitudes and demands. I am the prince of darkness, I am death itself and your really starting to fucking piss me off. So if you know what is good for you will tell me where she is so I can take care of my freaking responsibility. Just because she is my other half doesn't mean I'm happy about it and in fact I could easily kill you all and just take her and lock her into one of the rooms in my castle for the rest of her life. I wouldn't have to deal with any of you or her and her ungrateful ridiculous behavior. Honestly are you all freaking morons who have no idea who you're dealing with?"

Now, that's hilarious he looks angry. I mean. seriously, bring it on! Like I could get any more ticked off at him! " You know what that's fine because you're not stuck with her you never were it turns out you have multiple chances of having true love come your way. In truth you have two more soul mates you may or may not figure out are made for you that will be born during your existence. That could be hundreds of years from now, of course, but that's okay. You are lucky that you even have had the chance to know my wonderful daughter or any of the people she cherishes so much, but you know what? You can shove it! 'Cause you know what if you don't want to respect us or her then you can stay away from us and forget we ever existed. You want to know the truth? Maela could be the soulmate of anyone because her soul is so malleable. She only has one soul mate for herself, though, and sadly it's you. She can love other men and give everything she has to them, but in the end she'll bore of them and never feel satisfied with any one man. So you know what go ahead and cry a river, but you're not acting like you're worthy of my daughter and instead you insist on being a selfish jerk who really doesn't know what he's giving up by letting her go. If you ever do earn her love and treat her right you still won't be good enough for her in my eyes because you are the one trying to reject her right here and now when you thought that you had to love her. I'm sorry we didn't know this sooner and that you ever thought she was yours to keep, but just know that at this very moment she has every man who sees her practically tripping over each other to talk to her. You wanna know what the saddest part of all is? She doesn't know about it and she could care less because she already can't stop wanting something more and someone to love and cherish her isn't ever going to be enough. She is falling for someone, though, and let me just tell you that I kinda wish he was her soul mate instead of you because when she describes him and looks at him she's so love struck and happy. It won't last and it's sad since she isn't the type to be a player, but somebody made her one and so she will be crushed, but she will learn to love one man even if she's not content with him. Just remember it was you not her who rejected ever being together." With that he stalked out of the room and left me standing here not quite sure how I felt, but quite a bit so mostly relieved and almost giddy with happiness that I'm finally free.

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