Death's Bride

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4. Chapter Four

Maela's Point of View


The doctor wasn't here yet and I was really rather bored of sitting here and somehow my arm and head were already better and there was nothing, but bruising left. So I choose to wander around the castle. I nearly stumbled when I heard that voice from the guy who had been in my room moments ago. I decided to go towards the voice and quietly opened the door. I stopped in wonder at the sight before me. What was my teddy bears doing here and why was that beautiful stranger standing there shaking what I'm guessing was the Doctor who was sent to see me. All of a sudden what he is saying hits me " ...Now tell me if my mate is okay!" I'm a bit confused. "Wha-what are you a werewolf or something? I mean mate, seriously? Oh, my. Were you that wolf who attacked me. No, no, no! This can't be happening to me!" I was panicking and I knew I wouldn't get any where if I didn't let them get a word out, but I'm not sure if that's what I wanted. Then as if things couldn't get worse or weirder the doors were thrown open and the one person I never would have actually believed I'd meet walked in through the door.

The worst person who made the least sense being here threw the doors open. His name was Pain and he was that kid from school. The kind who gets any girl he wants and some times more than one at a time. He was a player that's for sure, but the worst part was how he seemed to feel like it was his job to annoy me and try to get inside my head. He loved fitness and P.E. and was pretty good at it too.He had black, spiky hair and blue eyes, and he was short, but instead of caring about it he was more annoying and loved being short. He insisted on hanging out with some of the worst guys in school, including my step brother. Thing is he was annoying, but didn't seem to be unusually annoying so why was he here?

The strange guy from where I was at with the bed was in here. I finally got a good look at him and I have to say he is kind of cute. He was tall with dark black hair, blue eyes, and dressed in black from head to toe. He wore jeans, a t-shirt, and boots, yet he didn't seem like a cowboy or anything. Pain walked up to him and bumped fists with him like they were best friends or something. "Hey Death, so is she okay or what?" Pain chanced a look back at me as he said it. "What kind of name is Death?" I couldn't help it, the words just seemed to fly out of my mouth before I could think about it. "I see, she must be okay since she can manage to be rude. It's his name obviously, sweet heart." Yep, he was definitely getting on my nerves already. 'Death' turned to me with a smirk and replied " Haven't you ever heard of a grim reaper named Death who devours people's souls when their time comes and faeries them off to whatever is next after this life?" My eyes widened at that. He had to be kidding right? I mean he was the Death and he was here, wait does that mean that I'm dead or that I already died? I mean there has to be a reason for him being here right?

Pain starts laughing "Oh, wow!.....Look at her face!......She looks absolutely terrified!" Death's face softens when he notices it too. "Pain, shut up, it isn't funny! Look it's okay I'm not going to hurt you. Your safe with me, okay. I'd never hurt you, at least not on purpose." Right, I'm supposed to believe that when he says he is Death. Plus how am I supposed to even believe that he even is the Death? "O-okay, well how do I know that you didn't even answer my first question about who the werewolf is and second how do I even know if you actually are the Death?" Pain gives a really cocky smile "Well, little darling that's why I'm-" He didn't get to finish his sentence because Death chose that moment to throw him against the wall when he tried to put his arm around me.

I was way too close to Death now and my feelings were fighting over wanting to get closer to him or run. I chose to run since it seemed like a more reasonable choice of action. I ran down many hallways before coming to a door at the end of one hallway that seemed like there was nowhere else to go. So, without a second thought, I jumped into the room and started to fall through the air. I didn't even get to close the door because I was so caught off guard and now all I can think is 'What now?'

I don't know how long I've fallen for in this absolute pitch blackness, but if it goes on much longer I may wind up falling asleep due to the lack of entertainment, although I can't help but laugh at how I came to be stuck in such a situation. I can't help but flinch at the thought of falling after this ends. With that thought I suddenly fall landing on my butt. Strangely the door doesn't look like it's above me, but rather like it's level with me and a mile away from me. With a sigh I stand up deciding that it's probably not worth it to be in Pitch darkness and stuck in a room they'll probably find me in anyhow. Who are they, though? I mean the one who calls himself Death is hotter than any guy I'd ever seen before. His dark black eyes are so mesmerizing and the way he makes me shiver just thinking about him. It's strange considering how he's either blatantly saying he'd a murderer or insane, but either way a rather messed up person. Yet I can't help but almost feel comfortable and at ease around him like nothing bad could ever happen when I'm around him. Then there's pain.

It's actually really fits him that his name would be Pain. After all he causes enough of it and he seems to be best friends with Death. Pain is that bad boy who almost every girl seems to fall for and you always see in the hall way openly making out with girls. Sticking his tongue down their throats and groping them where everyone can see. It definitely makes me wonder what the appeal is to all those girls, even the ones who could have any one they want. Of course I can't deny that I felt slightly attracted to him, but always with an opposing and larger side that was repulsed and revolted by him. Pretty much since the first day I met him he's seemed just a bit more interested in me then the other boys were just because I was different. I never cared what people thought since it would just lead to me getting hurt further. I didn't talk much, but wasn't exactly shy. I never seemed desperate for attention, but always looked lonely. I would know what people thought of me and not care one bit. Sometimes he'd try to mess around and flirt with me, but I usually just wound up thinking he was beings jerk like usual. He was always getting in fights and was basically a player, so I didn't care for him and it seems we're still on uneasy ground, but now it's probably unstable ground.

I was finally at the door and I walked through it to see I was back in my house and my step-brother was home, but with one of his friends. When they saw me the mist sinister smiles graced their lips as they both grabbed sharp knifes and started toward me. I turn and fled out the door of the house to see it was night-time and there was a party out back with my friends. I glanced nervously behind me to see there wasn't anyone there. Then suddenly I felt teeth at my shoulder being sunk in as they took a bite of me, which sent excruciating pain shooting up my arm. Then a loud bang of a gun behind me. It wasn't me being shot, but the zombie and it was too late for me to be saved. I was infected and I started to plead with them to shoot me. To dismay I got a shake of the head and the man turned and walked away. Now I was a monster and my friends and everyone was in danger all because of me. I never felt worse in my life as the guilt ate at my insides and I crumpled in defeat and nerve-wracking sobs tore through my chest. 

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