Death's Bride

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5. Chapter Five

Death's Point of View


"Arghh!!!!! See what you did, now we'll never find her!!!" I was loosing my mind since she was in the castle unaccompanied and I could feel she was hurt, but no one could find her. I threw my best mate across the room since I was in a rage and it's not as if I needed to be careful with him, he was the Alpha of the local werewolves. I knew they had issues, but he shouldn't have scarred her off like that. " You were brought here for one simple reason and you weren't even supposed to be here long, yet you couldn't leave her be for a short while? You know it's your fault for letting a rogue wolf into the area in the first place! If you had done your job she wouldn't have had been awakened and forced to start on her duties so soon! Now she's in pain and might I say it hurts like bloody Hell!" I knew it was ridiculous to blame him for it all since nearly everyone has slacked off tonight, even me since I didn't realize that she was going to run and I should have paid more attention to her surrounding area. I shouldn't have put my mate's safety on my best friend's shoulders. Now we had to find her so we could help her since it was getting worse by the second.

"We've found her!" I didn't bother to listen to the rest choosing to scan his thoughts and quickly ran down the halls to where she was. She had went into one of the trap rooms that were set up as torture chambers. It's like being put into your worst nightmares and having it feel and seem like it was real. The nightmares progressively get worse as you continue to sit in the room. The only ones who fell for the tricks were those who didn't know what the rooms were. They wouldn't kill the victim, but let the victim's own demented mind wreak havoc on itself. The only way to get those who are in the rooms to snap out of the trance was to take them out and give them a sort of shock. Of course it could be a good shock like a kiss or a bad shock like a bucket of frigid cold or scolding hot water being thrown at them. When I found her she was laying down and squirming around extremely uncomfortably. I hated the though of her being tortured like that, although the sad part is that most of it was caused by what horrendous thoughts she could come up with. Since Pain told me about how things were for her at home and school to the best of her ability I had to say it had to be pretty bad. I carried her as quickly as I could to the throne room where we were earlier.

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