Death's Bride

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8. Chapter Eight

Maela's Point of View


Finally I'm going to be free and I can go home. Not back to what I used to live, granted, but all the same back to Earth. I took some money from the vault and since I was given a butterfly necklace that allows me to travel from place to place as long as I'm at one of the portals between. I mixed up the money so they wouldn't be able to tell where I was going exactly, even if they were to keep count of the money in their vaults. They have a steady supply of the stuff since they travel between dimensions all the time. I felt bad at first because I was stealing from them, but now I don't because honestly I want to be free. I want to be me and not be forced to live my life a certain way. I don't want to become Death's bride or take upon the other responsibilities they've already started to teach me. No I wanted to go home and pretend that I was normal. I'm only 14, but of course you shouldn't tell them that since they think I'm almost 15 when yesterday was my 14th birthday. I only took a couple thousand dollars and I've already learned plenty about how to handle business and other worldly affairs. I also had one other trick up my sleeve, however, and it was the one that would help me to not be recognized the most.

Just after midnight I had one of the strangest dreams of my life, but that I had been told to expect. The Bears had told me that I wasn't normal and that I would grow to be one of the most powerful beings to exist. They also told me that I would start to have dreams that would tell me about what I could do and help guide me. They said it was like a text-book of who I was written in my soul and no one really had an idea of what was in store for me, but rather a vague idea instead. Well this dream was extremely crazy, but basically I found out I could shape shift into different species and change my features as well, but that I had a natural form. My natural form was like the one I had now, but the form I wore now was a front that was to keep who I was a secret. It isn't an entirely pleasant or unpleasant experience to undergo, but it also wasn't visible to anyone either. When I shifted it's like every cell in my body is numbed with a stinging or tingling sensation. The observer would see me one second then me in a different form a different second. They didn't see anything strange except maybe there seeming to be someone replaced by someone else as if they hadn't noticed the first leaving, except it was both times me.

I had decided to shift right before I left and be in my natural form. I remember how lovely I had looked in the dream. My eyes were the most mesmerizing and interesting part. As their color would change with my mood. They were blue if I was sad, pink if I was angry, and violet if I was feeling love. Of course the shade also changed depending on how strong the feeling was and sometimes multiple colors could be present at once. My hair was the richest shade of brown with waves and curling up at the ends with bangs in the front. My hair cascaded beautifully over my pale, soft skin. My lips were the color of tender berries and my eyelashes were thick and long. My figure was similar to that of an hourglass. My natural form seemed so perfect, but not so much as to seem fake. I'd definitely never need make-up and never have to worry about not being at least reasonably pretty. Of course I almost hated that I looked so pretty immediately after changing my form. I didn't like how pretty girls tended to be mistreated either by themselves or others. After all I wasn't very pretty and my step-brother had still come after me all those years ago.

I was about to leave when someone tackled me to the ground. Shoot! I must have been caught leaving and even though I looked like I was at least 18 now and like a completely new person I knew I was had. "I know it's you Maela, darling. Now why don't you tell me what you're doing out in the forest this late at night. Especially with a bunch of werewolves hanging around who can't help but want to claim a pretty girl like you to themselves. Who may even get in a fight with each other and possibly even heart you in the process? " Oh, no! It was him again, that guy who smelled so good and who made me want to melt from his touch, but yet he was the one who brought death with him almost everywhere he went. I shoved him away or at least I tried to, but he just laughed and refused to let me go. "Now, now my beautiful bride wants me to let go of her does she? But what if I want to play with you? I've missed you so terribly much and this is how you greet me?" His lip was stuck out like he was pouting and he was teasing me, but some how i felt that if I pushed him too much he might just snap and hurt me in anger. "Oh, bride now, is it?" I couldn't help, but want to tease him and I was nervous and was trying to downplay it. I mean who wouldn't be nervous he was Death after all.

"Now you know you're going to be my bride soon enough whether you like it or not. Now stop struggling against me and come this way the wolves are getting a bit too close to you for my liking and they're trying to get to the castle and ignore your luscious scent. After all you're my soul mate and your blood is laced with the most amazing smell anyone could possibly have. Which, of course, means you're nearly impossible to resist to anyone especially me." Yep, it's official this guy is crazy and that's definitely why I have to get out of here as soon as possible. "You know that's a horrible idea. Trying to escape me and all. After all you are mine and that means that you don't get to even try to escape me. Besides I'm Death and nothing stops me from claiming what I want." hmmphh! "I'm not yours and I refuse to marry you. I refuse to be anyones who is not mine. Besides even if we're 'soul mates' or whatever i refuse to accept you as mine. I don't love you, I don't respect you, and i most definitely do not want you in my life! So why can't you leave me alone? All you've done thus far is be possessive and really tick me off! So I'm begging you now, please leave me alone? At least for a little while? I mean I'm only 14 as of yesterday, so I'm much too young to even fall in love with anyone anyhow." I was definitely begging, I was all teary eyed, on my knees, and everything. He sighed and seemed to be trying to hold back his anger as he turned his back from me.

When he turned back to face me again I knew that his more violent and angry side had won over. I knew I was in for it, but no matter what I wasn't going to let him win and before he could realize what was happening I ran off toward the portal and teleported to Earth into the year where I would have been 21 and thus any legal things that would keep me from something due to being too young weren't a worry. My plan was simple: get any licences or what not that i needed, get a nice apartment, and create the hottest club for teens and young adults ever. Yep I wanted to be a club owner and be able to listen to loud music any time of the day without complaints. Plus if I wanted I could still cook food that could be served at the bar. Of course I wouldn't drink any alcohol myself since honestly the stuff smelled nasty, but by the end of 6 months time my goal was accomplished and my club was the hottest one in California. I had decided to move there for the hot weather and beautiful beaches. I was making a ton of money and was very successful, even though it was only due to the training I received at the palace and the fact that i looked older than I was. I was definitely living the life and still got to have responsibilities, which only made me feel even better since it meant that I was actually capable of doing something. Yep, if anyone I used to know could see me now they'd all be insanely jealous and wish that they actually knew me. I was highly respected and admired by most who thought I was a 21 who managed to create the most popular club in California. Of course what's even funnier is that I'm actually only 14 & 1/2, but who really needed to know that?

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