Harry Potter the sequel #1

This is about how Rose, Albus, and James relive the adventures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Along the way the other children join the bunch, but that's when it all changed...�� FYI sometimes I will add more


3. The Sorting Hat

Now Albus felt like he was going to feint. He walked up and sat down on the stool. The Sorting Hat was saying things that you hear when you're in Slytherin. Suddenly the hat yelled "SLYTHERIN" Albus walked pass James and Rose with a smile. He had shook hands with two people named Teagan Asher and Gregory Goyle jr., they were sitting next to each other,Gregory was in seventh year and Teagan was in first. He thought about asking to be friends. "Do you want to be friends?"Albus said. Albus was sure that Teagan would say no but, she said yes! He was so excited that he had friend that was not his brother or cousin! Then Teagan said "I never caught you're name" Albus replied " Albus Severus Potter." He was nervous would she make fun of him or be cool about it. "COOL!!!! I've always wanted to meet a Potter! You're the closest I have! Oh my parents told me stories about him. And my grandfather." "Who is you're grandfather?" Albus replied. There was a nerve wrecking silence. "You-Know-Who" Teagan replied Albus was about to scream, he had heard stories about Voldemort and he was quite scared now and he didn't know what to do and he ran off it was an accident but having a friend that is Voldemorts' granddaughter... it's to dangerous especially because he's a Potter. After the feast Teagan went to look for Albus, She couldn't find him. After Teagan went to bed he came out of his his hiding place in the common room. "Phew" Albus said. He had his there for 6 hours an twenty minutes he was exhausted.

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