Harry Potter the sequel #1

This is about how Rose, Albus, and James relive the adventures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Along the way the other children join the bunch, but that's when it all changed...�� FYI sometimes I will add more


5. The Quidditch Tryouts

It was a few weeks into term, and almost everyone knew what that meant, Quidditch tryouts!!! Everyone was excited, especially the Potters. Most of the Potter family played this famous sport, while a pupil at Hogwarts. Both of Albus's parents, his Uncle Ron, and the famous grandfather James Potter played this wonderful sport. And Albus, James, and Rose were ready to continue the tradition, so the three marched down to the Quidditch field ready to tryout for their own individual team. James wanted to be in the position as beater like his Uncle George, and Uncle Fred, Rose wanted to be the keeper like her father, and Albus all alone in Slytherin wanted to be the seeker like Harry is own father who had won for Gryffindor many times. After tryouts was a free period, so the three hung out and it was amazing all three got the positions they wanted. Albus started to think maybe this won't be such a bad year after all.

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