Harry Potter the sequel #1

This is about how Rose, Albus, and James relive the adventures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Along the way the other children join the bunch, but that's when it all changed...�� FYI sometimes I will add more


1. The Hogwarts Train

Albus, James and Lily we're standing in front of the Hogwarts Express. Albus turned to his dad Harry Potter and said " What if I'm put in to Slytherin, I belong in Gryffindor you were in Gryffindor , Mom was in Gryffindor and even James is in Gryffindor . Being in Slytherin will break tradition that's not ok!!!!!" Harry replied " have you heard about my godfather, Sirius Black, his whole family was in Slytherin but he was in Gryffindor it's alright to be a little different just like my godfather." Waiting for eleven o'clock was hard for Albus hearing the clock tick made him so nervous. The time finally came, Albus went on the train and sat with James, and Rose.

Lily was secretly jealous and so as soon as they got home, she sobbed and she felt like her heart melted, she was so upset that she couldn't go to Hogwarts. A few minutes later Ginny heard her crying, it took hours and hours but, Ginny found Lily under the stairs. Ginny asked " What's wrong Lily? " Lily replied " Fine, I'm jealous that Albus, James, and Rose get to go to Hogwarts and I don't. Ginny explained to Lily that Hogwarts is only a few years away and Lily felt better about going to Hogwarts. And then Ginny said " I could help you with some homework that I assign you and then I could grade it. And I could give you quizzes and such and I'll ask your father to teach you defense against the dark arts." "And it will be just like I'm at Hogwarts!" Lily exclaimed.

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