Fire and Ice

Opposites attract right? WRONG!!! Its only a fight.


3. Party Life is the Only Life

Daniel's POV:

   Jason throws the biggest and baddest parties. That's why he's my favorite. "Jason dude, you've out done yourself this time." The proof was in how I had to yell over the thundering music and the girl that had her boobs half-way out of her shirt and mini skirt was riding up with all the grinding she was doing on me. "What can I say I am the king of throwing parties." he yells back "Yeah but I'm the king of parties, ha and getting laid." That brought my famous wink out. 

   "I'm Daniel. And you are?" I say with my little charming grin. Here comes the little laugh that every girl gives. "Mary Jane." cute name for an okay girl. "It looks like you need another drink there Mary Jane. How about I get you one?" I ask and her smile tells me that the answer is  yes. 


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