Fire and Ice

Opposites attract right? WRONG!!! Its only a fight.


5. New Girl

Daniels POV

   Well Mary Jane sure wasn't innocent that was for sure. She was used to the drunk girl party scene. Not that it was a bad thing, just boring. The sex was good but it was the same old thing so when she finally passed out I was more than happy to get out of that bed. 

   "Daniel did you just get your first girl of the night?" Scott asks. Just some background info on Scott major douche bag. Not a guy that girls would hang around if they can help it. "Yeah, her name was Mary Jane. She's pretty wasted." I replied. There goes the idiotic grin that Scott is known for. "Nice, she must have been good. Is she still in there? Are you okay if I take sometime with her?" wow okay Scott. I just shrug and move on. That's when I see the girl that I want to take home tonight. Not just a hook-up in one of the bedrooms at the party but actually take her to my room and show her a good time. She would be good to have

   "So what is your name gorgeous?" I ask after I had filled her cup up with another drink. Man this girl was already drunk and she had only two beers, maybe? "My name is Annabelle, but you can call me Anna." This girl is adorable and I am excited to see how adorable and sweet she is in the bed. "How about I get you out of here and somewhere quiet so you can relax and calm down." I gave a warm encouraging smile that I was hoping to convince her it was safe to come with me. "Oh I don't know I came with my friend Clara. I need her." Anna says. "I'll make sure she knows. Now come on, let's go." I say and we got out of the party, so now it's time to start my own. 

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