Fire and Ice

Opposites attract right? WRONG!!! Its only a fight.


4. Mistakes Have Been Made

Anna's POV

   Parties, oh how I hate them. I'm not really sure why I even came to this one. "Quit being all sour and upset. Get a drink and have some fun." Clara says. Yep that's Clara for ya. She's British and loves a good party. "I don't drink remember?" which is true I don't. "Oh, yeah...hmmm well you do tonight. So enjoy it dammit." Clara ran off laughing while I sat staring at my drink. Yep I can and will do this, I'm going to have fun. 

   A few sips later and I start to loosen up. Yeah definitely becoming more relaxed and having more fun. A few more drinks won't hurt anyone. "Hello there beautiful. You look a little confused." a guy says. Wow he's kind of fuzzy, but really cute...or at least I think he's cute? "Nope, not confused. Just wanting more to drink." well my words are just a little slurred not to bad. " I can help with that. Follow me." His smile is dazzling. Yeah I think I'll keep him around for a little bit, maybe he knows how to have fun. And not sex fun, just fun. Yeah this could be good.  

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