Fire and Ice

Opposites attract right? WRONG!!! Its only a fight.


6. Hang Overs and Hatred

Anna's POV

   God my head hurts. And I want to be sick. Wait, where in the hell am I? How did I get in this room? This is not my room. These aren't my sheets. Oh God moving makes my head so much worse, and the lights, grrrr please kill me. Wait. Hold everything! What is that noise? 

    "Oh my God! Who the hell are you?" I scream. "Hmm, oh you're awake and totally confused." a guy says. A guy I don't know, and is he, is he NAKED! "What is going on. Why are you naked? Why am I naked? Why am I here?" I sound like a crazy person but I am at the point of hysterical. " Oh wow. Okay I liked you a lot better when you were drunk and asleep." He says. Drunk, I was drunk. That can't be right I don't drink. But I did go to that party last night and I did have a drink. Oh no. "Did we..?" The only answer I get is a smug little smirk. "Did we what? I don't understand." He says acting innocent. God this guy is a douche. "Yes you know. Just answer me damn it!" I yell. "Did we have hot, slutty, drunk sex? Yes, yes we did. You loved it." Did he really just say that to me? Really? When a person is drunk isn't it technically taking advantage of that person. Right?

    "You don't seem to happy with this news." this guy is just a smart ass. "Not really I would've liked to remember my first time. Thanks."  I say and get my clothes and start to go. "Oh by the way go to hell you asshole." I say and leave. 

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