The Upgrade: Human 2.0

In a not too distant future a war changed the Earth forever.
On this different Earth Neida lives in a small village with her brother, Deon. When the Crimson Death attacks their village, they are forced to escape to Village Xion since the disease only attacks the mutants - in other words, Deon. Follow Neida as she fights for her brother’s life, (along with fighting the urge to kill her brother for his stupidity).
Will she prevail, perhaps even find love in unexpected places, or will she fail and pay the ultimate price?

Winner of the NaNoWriMo competition Denmark


2. Chapter 0


     This world used to be different. There used to be beautiful natures, strong cities and one step closer to world peace. How did it all fall apart so easily? The people were wealthy, fat and many in numbers in the most parts, but there will always be the ones who are too greedy and blinded by their wealth. The step closer to world peace, soon became the step closer to the next World War. The three strongest nations wanted to rule and each decided they alone wanted to be the strongest amongst the nations. Meanwhile the countries grew overpopulated. It was the first step towards annihilation. Towards the world we know as today.

     The world ran out of water, food and resources. The people started fighting their neighbours, their colleagues, their friends - all in the struggle to survive. The three nations each built atomic bombs and when the first bomb hit the wrong target, hell broke loose. The devastating war between the nations destroyed the countries around and between them, and the world population gradually became less and less. Except none of the nations were winning and it only made them seek out more desperate methods. Scientists tried finding alternative ways to win the war - the means being biology. They wanted a more advanced humankind, one who could help them win the war. All of their experiments failed. The research was too new, too bold, not yet ready for the world. The war continued, but all the nations were losing. Losing the Earth. Losing the people. Losing the grip of reality.

     More atomic bombs were created and the results were even more devastating. They destroyed the world as we know it. Nature damaged, cities crumbled, the climate changed and resources were used up far too quickly. Radiation from the bombs was high. It made parts of the world uninhabitable. The radiation and the destruction from the war resulted in reducing the world’s population fivefold. Only a few powerful and rich families from different nations survived. Most were dead during the war, few assassinated and even less dead of old age and sickness. These four families are now the sole leaders of the nations. They call themselves Antima.

     The wastelands of the Earth were no longer suitable for agriculture. However, the scientists invented a special vegetation, one that could withstand the harsh conditions of the Earth. This pure miracle developed through science, was reserved for members of Antima only. We, the people who fought in their damn war, were not clean enough, not rich enough, not fit to lay eyes on the miracle. Left to starve in the wastelands we once called our home. Forced to work in harsh conditions in order to survive. Death was all but an old friend who visited frequently.

     But from the ashes of the devastating war a new humankind arose. This humankind was better, stronger and could survive in the wastelands of the Earth left behind by the war. Sent by God, most of them thought - a new humankind for the new Earth. The new humankind was called human 2.0, or just 'the upgrade' among the population, and was fully developed at the age of ten, but rarely lived beyond the age of forty-five. All senses were hyped. Human 2.0 could hear like a dog and were agile like a cat.  With eighty-seven percent of the population being human 2.0, they simply outdated the ‘old’ humans, better known now as the mutants. There were a few humans left who still carried the gene for the mutants. Therefore, even if the mother and father were humans, the child still had a risk of being born a mutant, because the mutant gene was recessive.

     And as the new humankind appeared, so did the animals. We thank God for giving enough crap about us, thanking him because without his care about the animals, there would be no humans left on the Earth. When more and more animals continued to appear across the Earth, strict rules about hunting were enforced. Extinction of the animals - again - was out of question and among Antima the fear of the animals getting extinct was very much alive. They do not trust the people to take care of the new Earth, even though the ones who destroyed it the last time was Antima's lust for power.

     We, the people, the inhabitants of this new and harsh Earth, we continue to survive. We will not give up our hope. Our hope in this Earth. Our hope in humanity. Our hope that one day all men are born equal. A day where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is every man’s right, and not just for the rich and powerful.

     On this new Earth the story of their lives begin.

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