When Death bells Toll

The day of my funeral, the day that I had been planning for the past year, and It's finally here. Rated Yellow for mild language; Suggestive themes and Vivid gore.


1. My Funeral

I saw my death, no-one believed me, it came first to me in dreams. Until it slowly slipped into my imagination when I was awake, It had been driving me crazy, so my parents thought it was best if I went to a Psychiatrist. I told him everything, how I was lying in the green and got up, looked around, it was raining and I could here lightning. I saw a house, and I ran as fast as I could there, I was just reaching there when everything felt tingly, Electricity pulsed through every vein in my body, a flash of light encasing my body, then I wake up. Every Time, every time this happens, each time I see a little more and more. Soon I will see the end, the end of me.

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