Madame Malice


1. The Beginning

Ms. Pragmatic Baggage was born and raised in South Delhi, India. She was born into a well to do Punjabi family where when a girl is born people start thinking about her marriage. The most common topic of discussion is the complexion. Is she white skinned ? Whether or not she is fair skinned, she has to start drinking fruit juice as soon as possible so that she can become fairer.

Well Pragmatic was white skinned. So even though she was a girl, it didn't hurt her parents much. She was educated at on of the best schools in Delhi. However, her short height and the shape of her jaw became a matter of concern to her family. She was an intelligent girl and always got A's. But her brain was of little importance to her family and friends. She was subject to constant nagging from everyone in her family circle. She decided to make up for her plain looks.

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