Madame Malice


3. Pragmatic turns sensitive

At 28, Pragmatic had everything that a career oriented person needed in life. She held an enviable position, was earning in seven figures, had her own apartment in Gurgaon and had an SUV. Her Punjabi relatives loved her now. Her looks were of little consequence. People criticized her only at her back. Everything was going for her. But she was not happy. Her conscience wasn't letting her live.

The desire to communicate well in English had actually forced her become an avid reader. The books that she read helped her realize that even though all her material needs were fulfilled, there was something missing in her life. The peace that one gets when one is honest forthright was missing. The facade of goodness was killing her from within. You cannot pretend to be good when you are essentially bad. This gradual self inspection took her to her spiritual guru. He told her that no one could help her. She had to help herself. He showed her these lines from one of Ruskin Bond's short stories-'What's a Dream'-

 "Live long, my friend, be wise and strong, but do not take from any man his song."

This was the solution to all her problems. In order to move up the socio-economic ladder, she had used people. She had won their trust and then betrayed them. Many people had lost their jobs because of her. She had beguiled the naive in such a manner that they lost all their innocence and thought that probably it was pragmatic to be like Pragmatic. Determined as she was, she decided to change herself.

In an year's time Pragmatic was a changed woman. She was happy. People stopped criticizing her even at her back. Not only did she look beautiful to everyone now, she felt beautiful from within. From a machine, she had turned into a human being. She was no more the double faced person who said sweet things to everyone. She had started doing good not for the incidental benefits of goodness but for her own satisfaction. She became a happy person who loved everyone and was loved by everyone around her. 

Ms. Pragmatic got all that she really wanted in life only when she turned sensitive.


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