Sweet Insanity

Frost Jenkins, better known as Angel Vendetta, is one of the most wanted serial killers in the United Kingdom. No one knows her face as no one has survived long after knowing her identity. That is, until she meets Alexandru Alin, or Amoux Aleron, an enemy of sorts. When two killers come together it can never end well. It always turns into a tale of blood, gore and a few dozen corpses.


1. Sweet Insanity

*song of chapter: Bludgeoned To Death by Suicide Silence*


Eyeing the blade in my hand, I watched as the light reflected off of the silver and bounced onto whatever I shone it onto. Something had come over me and I felt compelled to touch the metal and feel the blade between my fingertips.

I had no intentions of hurting myself so I was careful with the blade, making sure I didn't slice my fingertips whilst I wasn't paying attention.

What to do, I pondered. In fact, there was an endless list of things I could do. There was a certain person I had in mind today though. My boyfriend, Andy. There were so many things I wanted to cut out of my life and he was at the top of my list. Every night he would come home smelling of a dozen girl's perfumes and I was sick of it. No matter how many times he apologized for being with a different girl he always did it again.

Then again, I loved the man and I wanted to be loved so I stayed with him. Everyone gets lonely, right?

As I thought of every time he'd came home with love bites down his neck and lipstick marks on his lips an awful feeling travelled down to my stomach. To put it simply, I felt terrible and I knew that to get rid of that feeling I'd have to make him feel the way I felt, like I did with all of my victims.

*  *  *

I sat cross-legged in the living room on the dark laminate floor waiting for the lying scum bag to get home from being in another woman's bed, yet again. I twirled the blade around in my hands, accidently cutting my index finger on the sharp metal. I smirked and squeezed my finger, watching as a droplet of blood to drop down to the floor.

The front door slammed open and the scent of cheap perfume instantly came over me, causing me to cough slightly. 

"Frost, what are you doing?" Andy asked as he stepped into the room, slightly breathless and with red marks down the right side of his neck that wasn't covered with tattoos, unlike the left side.

I didn't reply, deciding to stay silent, staring at the reflection of my icy blue eyes in the knife. 

"Frost." He repeated. "Did you cut yourself?"

"No." I shook my head and chuckled. "You give me enough pain by sleeping with worthless whores every night. I want you to feel the way I feel.

He walked over and crouched down beside me, resting a firm hand on my shoulder and said, "What do you mean?"

I took my chance and pounced on him, pinning his wrists above his head and pressing the knife against his throat. "I want you to feel the pain of being betrayed."

"Is this what it feels like?" He asked, trying to keep his voice strong.

I nodded and pressed harder with the knife, drawing little beads of blood in a thin line. I smiled demonically as he winced and groaned in pain, "Alright, I understand it hurts." He fought against me.

"No, you'll never understand, you'll never know what it feels like!" I screamed at him, silently thanking the gods that I'd thought to soundproof the walls of my house. 

"Please Fro-" He tried to plead but I cut him off by sliding the knife along his neck and laughing as a stream of blood trickled out of the laceration.

I watched as the life drained from his glowing blue eyes and they turned into dull pools of grey. His hand grasped onto my petite wrist and he looked up again into my eyes before his head fell and his chest ceased to move his he stopped breathing.

I slowly crawled off of him and walked over to the wooden door that led to my bedroom. I picked up the chain that was around my neck and yanked it off before using the key that hung off of it to unlock the door. I pushed it open all the way and walked over to where Andy's body lay. I grabbed his arms and dragged him towards the door before using all my strength to push his body, sending it tumbling down the stairs.

I closed the door and locked it behind me before I walked down the stairs towards Andy's body which I picked up, my muscles trembling as I did so and led his body on the metal table that was in the middle of the room. I turned on the light and lifted up his white, now blood-stained shirt and pulled it over his head. I opened the box that sat on the smaller table beside the one Andy's now decomposing body was laying. I looked over at the body and looked him from head to toe whilst my fingers found the handle of a scalpel.

I brought the scalpel towards his ribs where I carefully carved a 'V' in his skin, blood appearing where I had traced the blade. I grabbed a piece of tissue from the box beside me and pressed it against the cut until it stopped bleeding. I lifted up my hand and looked down at the silver watch that was tightened around my wrist. It was still dark so I'd have time to drive out to the street where I normally left the bodies of my unfortunate victims and drive to the bar to get a quick drink.

Somehow in the process of killing Andy I'd gotten no blood on my shirt and only a splatter on my hand which would take no time to clean off.

I hauled the body back up the stairs after turning the light off and cleaning off the scalpel and my hands. I lived in a house tucked away deep in the forest so I had no worries about neighbours wondering why their 22 year-old neighbour was pulling a comatose body out to her car.

I pulled open the trunk of my car and let the body fall inside before slamming the trunk closed and walking around to the driver's door. I slid into the leather seat and turned on the ignition before driving down the path that led from my house to civilization.

I scrunched up my nose at the smell of a decaying body in my car and rolled down the window to let in some fresh air. I pulled out of the forest and turned left, the streetlamps illuminating my way. I sighed as I saw the street I would now dump Andy's body on for the police to find. I felt sorry to some extent that he had to die this way but in all honesty if he'd never cheated on me this wouldn't of had to happen.

I pressed my foot down on the break and stepped out of the car, leaving the engine running. I walked around to the back of the car and opened the trunk before pulling Andy's shirtless body out of the trunk and leaving it in the middle of the road where some unfortunate citizen would find it and most likely had a small heart seizure.

I sent one last glance over my shoulder as I turned around and got back into my car before once again checking the time. It was now six o'clock, people would be rising up from their beds soon and the bar would be opening shortly. I slammed the car door and sped off down the road, further into the city.

I pulled up outside the bar fifteen minutes later, just as it was opening. I stepped out of the my car and looked down to check my hands, they'd gotten slightly bloody in the act of moving Andy's body around so I grabbed some gloves from my car and slipped them over my hands.

I walked towards the bar, pushed open the door and stepped inside. I looked around as I stepped inside, counting the number of people that were inside. Seven other people were in here right now, none of them at all suspicious looking so I let my guard down and walked over to the bar counter before taking a seat in one of the black stools.

A bartender walked over and looked at me expectantly, "Turbo Diesel, please mate." I answered him and grabbed my purse from my coat pocket and pulled out a five pound note.

He came back with the mixture of vodka, blackcurrant, cider and lager and I handed over the note, already knowing the costs of drinks in this bar. He handed my change over and I sent a small smile in his direction before looking down at my drink and taking a large mouthful of it.

I pocketed my change and sat there staring at my drink and taking gulps of it until the TV turned on up above me and started showing the news.

The reporter's face was serious as she said, "The serial killer, Angel Vendetta has claimed yet another victim who has been identified as her former boyfriend, Andrew Dennis Biersack."

Multiple images of the V shaped cut that was now starting to scab and scar flashed up on the screen along with images of Andy. Angel Vendetta was a name I used for my murders, my true name was Frost Rose Jenkins but virtually no one knows that, only Andy, who I thought I could trust, obviously I thought wrong.

"In other news," I rolled my eyes at the overused saying but kept listening anyway, "yesterday the Bank of England in London was robbed of fifteen thousand gold bars which has an approximate value of three hundred and forty five million pounds."

Now that certainly piqued my interest, who would have the ability and the courage to steal fifteen thousand gold bars from one of the major banks in the United Kingdom.

"The man leading the robbery has not been identified but police suspect it to be the deranged serial killler, Amoux Aleron." The news reporter carried on, by now I had gotten bored and went back to staring down at my drink but I still listened to what she was saying.

I took a few more mouthfuls until the drink was completely gone before trying to catch the bartender's attention to order another but then a glass of golden liquid was placed in front of me.

"I didn't order this." I said, frowning up at the bartender.

"You didn't but he did." He replied pointing to a light ginger-haired man standing across the bar from me.

"Oh." I murmured, taking in the appearance of the man who had certainly not been in the bar when I'd first come in.

The bartender walked away to serve other customers and the man began walking in my direction.

I lifted up the glass and took a sip to figure out what it was. Rum.

"I see you like to drink," He began, eyeing the 'AV' tattooed on my middle finger, "Angel Vendetta." 

I smirked and leaned backwards into his chest as he slid his arms around my waist to let his  tattooed hands rest on my plump thighs. I looked down at his hands and tilted my head to the side slightly as I saw that he had 'AA' inked onto the skin on his thumb.

"I could say the same for you," I said as I looked down at the bottled of whisky he was holding, "Amoux Aleron."

He looked shocked that I'd figured out who he was so quickly but he relaxed pretty quickly when he remembered who I was. We were both criminals, we would never hand each other in. 

"Thanks for the beverage by the way." I held onto his forearms and arched my back as he leaned in to kiss and nibble on my neck, leaving little love bites at the base of it.

"You could come thank me for it in my bed." He replied.

 Well, that's a blunt way of asking someone for a one night stand but I'll take it.

I hummed and turned my head to capture his lips in a hot, needy kiss. Amoux took his hands from my thighs and placed them on the stool, turning it around before placing his hands on my hips. He pulled away and grabbed my hand before leading me out of the bar and towards a black, shiny car. He opened the passenger door for me and I slid in quickly before he slammed the door and jogged around to the driver's side and got in the seat, quickly turning on the engine and speeding off towards wherever his house was.

Halfway through the ride I'm assuming he got impatient because he rested a hand on my thigh and kept moving it further upwards which is when he pulled my skirt up slightly and slipped his hand inside my thong, which might as well of not been there as it barely covered me.

After we drove in complete silence bar my moans and short, gasps of air for a further few minutes he slammed his foot down on the breaks and practically jumped out of the car before running around to the passenger side and opened the door, pulling me out of the seat and carrying me towards the door. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist and draped my arms around his neck as I nibbled and sucked along his jaw.

He fumbled around with the key before shoving it into the slot and twisting it unlocking the door, stepping in and slamming it shut behind him, not bothering to lock it. He chucked the key to the side, not even caring where it landing and I kissed back along his jaw to his lips where his tongue trailed along my bottom lip, asking for entrance which I gladly gave him.

He walked us over to the stairs and made his way quickly up them before turning left and opening a white door which led to a bedroom with a large bed centered against the back wall which he dropped me lightly onto the sea of a bed, the action so tender you wouldn't of thought it came from a man who'd recently stolen nearly 210 tonnes of gold from a bank.

*  *  *

I rolled over in the bed, my body covered in sweat and the smell of sex in the air. 

"I really needed that." I said honestly before sighing in content and relaxing on the bed with my arms above my head. I looked over to my right and saw stacks of gold bars laying in front of the wardrobe 

My eyes widened as I heard sirens. Amoux looked over at me, clearly thinking what I was, they knew at least one of us was here.

"They know one of us is here." He said, stating the obvious as he sat up.

"It could've just been a noise complaint."

"True, I did make you scream." He retorted as he stood up and walked over to the window, pulling it open slightly to peer outside.

I watched as his back tensed up and I walked up behind him, "They're stopping here, aren't they?"

He nodded, "It couldn't be a noise complaint either, my house is soundproofed. Like yours I would assume."

I chuckled before going to retrieve my clothing. I slid my legs into the black, lacy thong I'd been wearing and pulled the black pencil skirt I'd picked up over it. I walked around the room looking for my shirt and bra as Amoux pulled a pair of black skinny jeans on and a white wife-beater over his head as there was a loud, obnoxious knock on the door.

He walked out of the room and jogged down the stairs to open the door, "Wait!" I yelled at him.

"What?" He asked.

"Are you fucking stupid? That's the police and you said it couldn't be a noise complaint because your house is soundproofed. The only other reason they'd be here is because there's the guy who robbed the Bank of England last night and the serial killer who murdered her boyfriend earlier today in the same damn house." I told him, my voice getting louder as I went on.

"Well what else am I supposed to do?

"Just act like you aren't home." I replied.

"Oh yeah, like that's going to work, there's a car outside and they probably saw the window open." 

"Damn, for someone who figured out how to rob the Bank of England you sure do lack common sense." I stated.

 He groaned and turned away from me to walk to what I'm assuming was the bathroom so I took that as my cue to look around his room. I walked over to the nightstand where a black leather wallet sat, almost falling apart. I picked it up and opened it before looking around for an I.D card. I smiled in success when I found one, I pulled it out and looked it over. If this is even a real I.D card Amoux's real name was Alexandru Alin. 

"What are you doing?" I heard Amoux, or Alexandru, say behind me. 

"So you're Romanian, huh?" I said as I turned around, still looking down at the I.D card.

As I looked up I saw him clench his jaw and ball his hands up into fists, "I wish you hadn't seen that." 

He smirked and reached into his back pocket, never breaking eye contact with me. I watched his every move as he pulled a knife out of his pocket. My eyes widened but I soon relaxed and said, "You do realize you're threatening a girl who's killed over twenty people."

He walked up to me and I kept taking steps backwards as he did so until my back hit the wall and I could no longer move any which way as he had both arms beside my head and his chest pressed against mine, trapping me.

"Oh honey, try thirty-six." He chuckled and made a small cut on my right breast.

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