Sweet Insanity

Frost Jenkins, better known as Angel Vendetta, is one of the most wanted serial killers in the United Kingdom. No one knows her face as no one has survived long after knowing her identity. That is, until she meets Alexandru Alin, or Amoux Aleron, an enemy of sorts. When two killers come together it can never end well. It always turns into a tale of blood, gore and a few dozen corpses.


3. Getting Away With Murder

*song of chapter: Getting Away With Murder by Papa Roach*


"If that's the Carlile's I'm gonna be so pissed." Jacky growled and quickly left the room, the other guys followed behind him until it was just me and Ash left in the room.

"Why would the Carlile's be attacking you guys?" I asked.

"'Cause Emily got 'em all worked up the other day 'cause they didn't have the money for the coke they wanted." Ash groaned and rested his head on my shoulder as I let out another puff of smoke.

I sighed and got up, "I'm gonna go see if it is them. I might as well add to the list of people I've disposed of in the past two days."

As I got to the stairs I saw Emily leaning over at the top of them with her hands on her knees, breathing heavily. I ran up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"What is it?"

"The Police. Said they'd put out an alert for a certain license plate and that plate was on a car outside here." She explained when she had finally caught her breath.

"That must've been us, we should've changed the plate." I groaned and began to make a slow descent down the stairs. I placed a hand over the spot where the gun Alexandru gave me should still be and sure enough it was there.

As I stopped at the foot of the stairs beside Jacky and Alex who were stood with their hands up I did exactly the same as them. I looked over at Jacky and whispered, "Where are the guys?"

He smirked and looked down at me, "Don't worry, they'll be here." He then looked over at the oversized safe door and chuckled.

The room fell silent as there were three short, high pitched beeps and Jacky yelled, "On the ground!"

I instantly caught on to what he was saying and dropped to the ground, covering my head with my arms and curling up into a ball. I'd recognize the sound of a bomb about to detonate anywhere. There was a loud explosion and the whole mansion shook, rubble falling from the ceiling and landing on the ground.

I stood back up and smirked as I saw the all too familiar silhouette of the one and only Austin Warfield step through the smoke screen that covered the large hole in the wall with a machine gun casually slung over his shoulder.

"Alright, listen up motherfuckers," He began, a sly smirk on his face, "I don't wanna intrude on anything but it would appear that my allies are in a time of need so I'm currently in a place to kill all of you."

Alex, Jacky and I instantly sprung into action, all of us clearly having experience in situations like this. To my left, Alex quickly went about grabbing a still half-full bottle of Jack Daniels and taking a large gulp before smashing the end on the counter beside him.

I ran behind the counter Alex had just smashed that bottle on and ducked down, pressing my back firmly against the cool marble of the counter. I lifted up my shirt and pulled out the gun. I looked to my right and sure enough there was a drawer that was opened slightly that I knew would be full to the brim with ammunition. I pulled the drawer open a little more and pulled out a box full of ammo before pushing down on the button on the side of the hand grip and catching the magazine which was now no longer in the gun.

I loaded in the ammo quickly as I could hear that things were heating up rapidly no more than a metre behind my back. I pushed the magazine back up into the gun, smiling when I heard the all too familiar clicking noise to let me know the magazine was locked in place before pressing down on the safety lever to disengage it and cocking the gun.

I stood up from my hiding spot and kicked the drawer shut before firing the gun towards a morbidly obese cop that was heading my direction and I am sure glad I saw him before he got to me because I probably would've became one with the floor if he had sat on me.

I heard a yell and looked over in the direction it came from to see Jacky slam a chair down on an officer's head.

"Do you two already know each other or something?" I asked Jacky, referring to Alexandru killing an officer in the exact same way no more than 3 hours ago. You'd think that I would get some form of a break between fighting and murdering people but no, all I got was two drags of a cigarette and a horny teenager.

Jacky chuckled and said, "Nah," He paused and bent down quickly to pull a small knife out of his boot and throw it, the blade making a small cut on my cheek as it passed me and plunged straight into a male neck. The neck of the officer that was creeping up behind me.

The officer's hands flew to his neck and he yanked the knife out and chucked it to the ground. I looked around and saw he was the only man left but he was now rolling around on the floor, groaning in pain as he tried to stop the constant flow of blood from escaping the slit on his neck.

"We should get out of here." Alex walked up behind me and placed a hand on my shoulder.

I nodded in agreement and turned towards Jacky, "Where would we go though?"

"Go with Austin, he harbours fugitives, if he has a good enough reason too and he does for you two, he still remembers you Frost, after all that shit that happened between us and Royal Heights." Jacky smiled sadly and I sent a similar smile back to him.

Back in 2010 there was a fight between Jacky's gang, Vincent, and a rival gang called Royal Heights. Everyone was absolutely insane, relentlessly firing bullets any which way to try and hit any member of the opposite gang and Austin Warfield, the leader of the gang The Wars who are allies of Vincent, was shot and was on the edge of death when he was saved by an anonymous person. No one knows who saved Austin, not even Austin knows who saved him but we do know that we owe that person our lives.

Austin and I had something back in the day when I was helping out in the weapon side of things with Vincent, there were no feelings, if there were they were comepletely one-sided and it would've been Austin who felt for me. I was incapable of love, it wasn't something I understood.

The one time I was anywhere near feeling love was with Andy and obviously he's not on this planet anymore. It's incredible to think that in the space of two days I've murdered my boyfriend, slept with a murderer and robber, killed a mob of police officers, managed to get Jacky's mansion raided and completely trashed and killed another mob of police officers.

Austin walked up and placed a hand on my lower back, "Ready? We should leave as soon as we can."

I nodded and sighed, bringing my hand up and playing with the shiny silver stud in my medusa, a nervous habit I had picked up over the years since I had had it pierced.

 I saw a flash of ginger as Emily ran up to us and handed me a bag. I looked at her then down at the bag then back up at her which is when she winked at me and I instantly knew what was in the bag. I unzipped it slightly to see bottles of whisky and multiple packs of my favourite chocolate-flavoured cigarettes.

"You know how to treat me Emily, you should dump Jacky and come be with me." I chuckled and hugged her before looking down at her hand and smiling slightly as I saw the beautiful ring that rest on her ring finger.

I smiled at her and she smiled back as she realized I had been looking at her engagement ring. When a gang leader and his gang's drug dealer get engaged the news travels around pretty quickly, almost the whole of England knew after one day.

"Hurry up." I heard Alex say from outside the open front door.

I sighed, "I should go." I hugged Emily once more and walked over and hugged Jacky.

"Frost, if you really need to then you can always come back here." He spoke into my ear.

"I know, thanks. Sorry for dirtying your ground floor." I walked away from them and stepped out the door.

I stood beside Alex as Austin's ebony Mustang rounded the corner and parked up outside. I walked around to the passenger side and opened the door, leaving the back seat for Alex. I slid into the seat and slammed the door shut, not bothering to put on my seat belt.

*  *  *


I frowned at the gun that was in front of me as I sat on the silky monochrome sheets that covered the king bed in one of the spare rooms in Austin's house. His house was petite compared to Jacky's but it was still larger than the average house, it had three floors and each floor was around the size of a warehouse.

It was late at night now and the sun had finally set, the stars were out, yet you could barely see them due to all the pollution that came with living in the big city of London. I had no idea what Alexandru was doing but to be completely honest, I couldn't care less but I might go and sneak into his room out of boredom soon. I had been sat in this room doing nothing for the past two hours as Austin had left to sort out some gang related business and had taken his 'bodyguards' with him so now it was just me and Alex in the house.

I sighed and stood up off of the bed, the oversized shirt I was wearing had risen up to my hips when I had been sat down and now it fell down to around mid-thigh where it barely covered the thong I was wearing.

I opened the door and stepped out into the seemingly never ending hallway before turning left and walking down the hallway until I saw the door I remembered seeing Austin lead Alex into earlier.

I stood outside the door and rocked back and forth on the heels of my feet a few times, contemplating whether I should knock on the dark brown door or if I should just walk straight in there. I shrugged and pushed the door open and walked right in, not expecting what I saw.

Alex scrambled to grab something to cover himself with and hide what he had just been doing but I had already seen and I just laughed slightly.

"Jacking off in someone else's house, huh?" I walked closer to him, noticing the small hint of a blush on his cheeks, "A bit disrespectful, isn't it? Although, being a criminal does make it hard to find anyone to sleep with."

A thin layer of sweat covered his whole body and his chest moved with every deep breath he took. I watched as his eyes travelled down my body. He licked his lips and his eyes widened slightly at the sight of  my exposed legs and I took another step closer.

"You know, if you really want it, I can offer you my assistance." I smirked at him and finally I arrived at the side of his bed.

I climbed onto the bed and crawled towards him on all-fours, my shirt riding up once again as I did so. When I was face to face with him I stopped and leant forward slightly to connect our lips in a kiss fuelled by complete and utter lust and desperation.

He placed his hands on my hips with a rough grip that would most definitely leave bruises that would last for the whole week. Alex led me down on the bed so that he was on top of me and pulled away from the kiss before he began kissing down my neck, nibbling and sucking, leaving love bites and causing me to gasp and moan at his actions.

Things would've most definitely have went further if an extremely loud crash from downstairs hadn't interrupted us. 

"What the fuck was that?" Alex asked breathlessly.

I heard heavy footsteps storming up the stairs and walking down the hallway, chains clanging along with the steps. There was only one person who could be in here right now who would be wearing chains and that was Mike Carlile.

"It's The Carliles," I groaned, "get some clothes on." 

I crept over to the door on the balls of my feet and got down on my hands and knees to look under the door and see if he was near. I saw the shadow of his feet pass by the door, the chains attatched to his jeans jingling loudly, causing my heart to beat harder each time I heard his heavy boots hit the floor.

When his footsteps faded away slightly I turned the lock on the door, now suddenly thankful it was ever there in the first place. I turned around to see Alexandru now had the black jeans he was wearing earlier with oversized holes ripped in them and was now trying to tighten his belt. 

"Jesus Alex, any one of The Carliles' henchmen could knock down this door and you're jumping around trying to do up your belt." I whisper-yelled at him before turning away from him and walking towards the large mirror that was placed on the wall.

I gripped the gold frame of the mirror and pulled it off of the wall to reveal a gap in the wall that contained ten, minute throwing knifes, a submachine gun and an automatic shotgun. 

"Alex." I whispered to get his attention.

He looked over to me and I beckoned him with my hand. I pulled the automatic shotgun and five of the throwing knives out and handed them to him. I then pulled out the submachine gun and the remaining five throwing knives for myself. 

 "The guns are already loaded, Mike would never bring more than 5 men to raid a house so we can easily shoot them and be done with it. The knives are there just in case something goes wrong." I informed him.

I looked down under the door one more time before slowly standing up and turning the lock on the door to unlock it. I took a deep breath in and pulled the door open, wincing as it creeked ever so slightly.

 I stepped out into the hallway and looked both ways before waving my hand to tell Alex it was safe. I crept to the left on the balls of my feet when I heard Alex stumble behind me. I turned around and put a finger to my lips telling him to be quiet and gestured for him to walk to the right so we could cut Mike and his men off.

I paused outside a door as I heard hushed voices arguing on the other side of the door. I pushed the door open slightly and looked through the small gap I had made. I saw two of Mike's men waving their arms about and whisper-yelling foreign profanities at each-other. 

I was about to step in guns blazing when I heard shots fired to my right and saw Alex fire a gun at one of Mike's men who I actually recognized to be, Jamie Far. Fuck being sneaky. I pushed the door open forcefully and it hit the wall as I stepped in the door and fired the gun at the two men inside the room before running out and towards Alex.

"Two men left, correct?" Alex asked breathlessly.

"Supposedly." I nodded and began walking in the direction Mike had been going earlier. He'd obviously been looking for Jacky or Austin but today clearly wasn't his lucky day as he got the deranged serial killers and robbers, Angel Vendetta and Amoux Aleron.

I heard the familiar sound of chains hitting eachother and turned my head to the left to see Mike standing there his gun raised and pointed at Alex and not me.

"Frost, what a pleasure it is to see your beautiful face around here again." He smirked at me and bowed slightly.

"Oh, shut up." I scoffed and pretended to brush some dirt off of my shoulder.

"Darling, don't you miss me. Don't you remember all those wonderful times I made you scream as we were in the throes of passion in my bed." He retorted, taking a few steps closer to me.

I glared at him and said, "You've certainly missed out on some things haven't you? Sweet Amoux here can make me scream louder than you could ever dream to." I placed a hand on Alex's shoulder and the other on his elbow for extra effect.

Mike clenched his jaw and lifted his gun up towards Alex. He stepped forward so the gun was pressed against Alex's chest, "So you're the guy who robbed the Bank of England."

 Alex calmly pushed the gun away and answered Mike with a simple nod, as if Alex couldn't even take time out of his life to talk to Mike.

"Don't wanna talk to me pretty boy?" Mike taunted Alex.

I raised my gun and pressed it against Mike's head, "Checkmate."

I smirked.

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