Sweet Insanity

Frost Jenkins, better known as Angel Vendetta, is one of the most wanted serial killers in the United Kingdom. No one knows her face as no one has survived long after knowing her identity. That is, until she meets Alexandru Alin, or Amoux Aleron, an enemy of sorts. When two killers come together it can never end well. It always turns into a tale of blood, gore and a few dozen corpses.


6. Dear Insanity - Epilogue


I sat in the black leather chair with my hand balled up in a fist and my chin resting on it. In my other hand I was playing with a large butcher knife, waiting for Alexandru to get home from whatever he was out doing. Probably mugging someone.

The FBI were in Japan and they were looking for us. Somehow there had been a witness to one of our murders and they were able to supply detailed enough descriptions of the two of us to create some accurate sketches of us.

It was Alexandru's fault to be perfectly honest, he's the one who decided that it was smart to continue to murder people whilst we were here. The only way out this time is if Alex dies and I can get out.

I can lie my way out of these easily but Alex has no idea how to act whatsoever and he'd get us caught in seconds. If I can dispose of him then I can get out of this myself.

Then there's plan two, I murder him and then take my own life afterwards. This way, I don't even run the risk of getting caught and I get to take his life too.

I was ripped from my thoughts by the door of our tacky apartment opening and slamming shut quickly. There were heavy footsteps walking down the hall towards the room I was in before the door in front of me opened.

Alexandru paused when he saw the knife in my hands and asked, "What's this about?" 

Without looking up at him, I pressed play on the TV remote on the desk, starting the recording of this morning's news report. 

When the sketches of us came up on the screen Alex gasped and whispered,"Shit."

"Exactly." I stood up and walked over to him, backing him up against a wall and putting the knife against his neck.

"Hey, calm down." He put his hands up and tried to calm me down.

"Look I'm gonna kill you then myself okay? Then we'll be fine." I smiled.

"Wait, think about this." Alex put his hands on my cheeks.

"Fine, me first then." I held the knife up to my neck, digging it in so that it cut through the first layer of skin.

"Frost, please, stop this." Alex pleaded.

"I won't go to jail!" I screamed.

"You won't, I was planning on moving anyway, we can take the metro to wherever and get a flight to somewhere where they'll never find us." Alex grinned.

"O-okay." I stuttered.

"Come on let's go. We don't need to take our stuff." He ran a hand through his hair and put his hand on the small of my back and gently pushed me into the other room whilst taking the knife from my hand.

                                                                     *   *   *

We were both wearing hoodies as we walked through the metro station, our heads down and hoods up over our heads, shielding our faces from everyone. If anyone saw us it'd be bad news, almost everyone in the country had seen the news dismorning and they'd know our faces as soon as they saw us.

Alexandru and I stood practically on the edge of the platform. The voice of the anouncer came through the speakers overhead saying the next train was due in 5 minutes. As soon as he finished speaking there were yells coming from behind us. 

I turned around to see two men in black suits running towards us along with a SWAT team and three detectives behind them. I began to run away, Alex by my side when a group of SWAT officers rounded the corner in front of us.

We'd been surrounded, the only open space was the tracks behind us. The anouncer's voice came over the speakers once again saying that the next train was coming now.

Alex looked over at me and took my hand in his. He looked to his left and as the train was coming towards us, we fell backwards onto the tracks.

The last thing I saw were the detectives stopping right on the edge of the platform, yelling when they realised it was too late.

The insanity was over.

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