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For more information, look at the guidelines, and general rules and regulations.


1. Rules and Regulations, And Form

Hey everyone! I know there aren't that many review stores that are active 24/7, so I figured I'd put my two cents in. Please follow all the rules, or else your movella won't be eligible for review.

Rules and Regulations

 1-I'll accept fanfiction, but no bandom fanfiction. No 5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction fanfiction is eligible, I'm afraid.

2- Nothing sexually explicit, please. No rapefics, or anything similar will be allowed.

3- First come, first served.

4- If your story is more than ten chapters long, I'm only reading the first ten, and skimming through the rest.

5- If you don't like your review, don't lash out at me. I'm giving my opinion, and ultimately trying to help improve your movella. Any abusive language from anyone regarding their review makes them ineligible for another review.


My reviewing works like this: I'll critique grammar and structure separately out of ten, and give an overall out of ten. I'm planning to review all through the week, until September, when I will review from Friday night through to Sunday night.




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