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6. My Deep Dark Poem-_x_.Kate._x_

This movella certainly has potential, but you've made quite a lot of grammatical mistakes. I figured I'd help you out with that.

"Its", as in no apostrophe, means to belong to something that has no gender. E.g. "The door fell off its hinges." "It's" is a contraction of "it is".

You're confusing "quite" with "quiet". "Quite" means very, e.g. "She's quite beautiful".

It's "The suffering going on and on", not "The suffer going on and on."

"Ill", no apostrophe, means sick. "I'll" is the correct version.

You're missing a couple of commas here and there, and you're confusing the three Ts- There, They're, and Their.


Grammar: 4.5./10. 

Plot/Prose: 6/10. I find your poems romantic, but they have no real depth.

Overall: 5/10. Please don't be disheartened! You just need to keep going with your poetry- creativity lies in tenacity.

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