Suicide Room

"In which demons torment people until they commit suicide."

Dakota Blaire is eighteen years old. She has a normal life, loving parents, caring friends, attends a prestigious performing arts school, and lives in a three story house. Suffering from depression and pedophilia, she has everything that anybody could ever want, yet she hates her life, everything that she owns, the life her friends have, and her... obsession with children with a burning passion. Despite Dakota despising every single breath she inhales and exhales, she also happens to love the air that the children intoxicate with their innocence.

Einius Clark, a reaper, preys on sick, gullible teenagers like Dakota with one sole goal: to torment them until they commit suicide. In doing so, he would collect their soul, get stronger, and they would rest in purgatory for the remainder of their death. However, the only flaw in his demonic performance is Dakota. She harbors supernatural powers that allow her to murder demons in


2. Prologue / Einius

A four year old was sitting on the floor, legs crossed and fingers tangled in a bright red car. He made a 'wooshing' noise, causing the mother of the child to let out a distressed sigh. 

"Please be quiet, Einius," The mother bit her lip when she noticed that her words flew in one ear and went out the other—he had heard nothing. She sighed again, primarily in annoyance, and tightened her grip on her pencil, trying to calculate where all of her money went. Things were tough now that the economy was going downhill. It was only a matter of time until they were homeless, and she couldn't—no matter what it took—allow that to happen. She couldn't allow her only son to see what a terrible mother she was and how financially unstable they were. If only Calixtus were here... 

"Mommy?" The four year old's voice caused her head to pound. How am I going to do this? 

"Yes?" She said, furiously erasing a set of low numbers. She only had a little less than thirty dollars for groceries, and that was way too little for her and her son. She held in the tears and shut her eyes, trying to rid her mind of the large troubles and to think of when times were better. It didn't work. 

"What is death?" The mother froze, feeling chills cascade down her spine as her eyes shot open. She dropped the pencil on the table and knelt to her son, looking straight into his seemingly innocent eyes. 

"Where did you hear that from, Einius?" Her voice was firm, though the four year old couldn't grasp that the situation was serious. He continued making the 'wooshing' noises and harshly slammed his red car on the wooden floor. 

She flinched at the impact but waited patiently for her son's answer. "Einius, where did you get that word from? Tell me where you heard it!" 

The child finally looked into her eyes and smiled, two teeth showing. "My friend," He grabbed the car and repeated the action. He slammed it onto the floor again, squealed and giggled. The mother had enough. She ripped the car out of his grasp and frowned, feeling her heart thud out of nervousness. The child frowned, tears beginning to form in his small eyes. 

"Who is your friend? What's his name?" Her tone was frantic. She grabbed her son's face and wished to the heavens that he hadn't begun the prophecy. She still had a few more years left of peace. He couldn't do this to her. 

Einius frowned, a lone tear falling down his puffy cheeks. "My best friend. His name is Satan. Mommy, am I in trouble?" 

New story idea. This one will probably have slow updates... depending on how popular it gets. I hope you enjoyed it! :) 

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