Suicide Room

"In which demons torment people until they commit suicide."

Dakota Blaire is eighteen years old. She has a normal life, loving parents, caring friends, attends a prestigious performing arts school, and lives in a three story house. Suffering from depression and pedophilia, she has everything that anybody could ever want, yet she hates her life, everything that she owns, the life her friends have, and her... obsession with children with a burning passion. Despite Dakota despising every single breath she inhales and exhales, she also happens to love the air that the children intoxicate with their innocence.

Einius Clark, a reaper, preys on sick, gullible teenagers like Dakota with one sole goal: to torment them until they commit suicide. In doing so, he would collect their soul, get stronger, and they would rest in purgatory for the remainder of their death. However, the only flaw in his demonic performance is Dakota. She harbors supernatural powers that allow her to murder demons in


3. Chapter One / Dakota


Here I am, sitting on top of my bed, holding my diary, and a red pen in my hands. The day was long gone, replaced by the dangerous, intoxicating darkness of the night. It was some time in the middle of the night, and since I couldn't fall asleep, I took out my diary. The only problem was that I couldn't write. If I wrote, then it meant I had to think of everything that I went through today, and I don't think I can go through that kind of emotional pain again only to pretend in a few hours that I was fine. 

No one in my family knew I had this secret. Not even my friends. It was the only thing that kept me sane. It was the only thing that kept me from spiraling, losing control, and giving up completely. If I didn't write, then I know that in a few hours I will be snappy, rude and annoying to everyone I spoke to. If that happened, then all the efforts I've given to conceal this secret of mine would go down the drain. 

"Just do it," I whispered to myself. I clutched the pen tighter and opened my diary, flipping to a blank page. I forced myself to write, blissfully enjoying the images as they flashed through my mind at a haphazard speed.

Wednesday, March 4th. 

I saw a little girl today. She had long, brown hair and green eyes with a few red and brown specks in them. Green eyes are rare in children, considering where I live. I love green eyes. They looked so pretty, especially when the sun shined in them. She looked so innocent. I sat at the park for one hour straight, watching her play and enjoy herself with other children similar to her age. I forced myself to sit still instead of approaching her. If I went up to her and spoke to her, I wouldn't and couldn't control what would happen after that. In order to stay even with myself, I only allow myself to watch, to control the urges and fantasies. 

Lately it's been getting harder, but I can do it. I can control the urges. I can do it. I know I can. 

I stopped writing when my handwriting started to become unreadable smudge of red ink. I shut my diary and shoved it under my mattress, feeling much better. 

I dreamt of my personal paradise: a land where I was free to embrace my obsession with children; a place where people wouldn't judge me or mock me because of it. 


A few hours later I was awoken by my alarm. I dreaded waking up. Waking up meant I had to fake my way through the day again. It was something I had been doing ever since I found out I suffered from having sexual fantasies of little children, but I couldn't control it. It just... happened. It was an emotion, a feeling, a desire that I couldn't control, no matter how much I tried to force it away. 

With that thought in mind, I forced myself to sit up and took a quick, scalding hot shower. When I finished, I pulled on some leggings, a loose tee, and messily placed a black beanie on my head. I didn't bother to fix my hair and grabbed my book bag, shrugging it over my shoulder. I slid on my converse and raced down the stairs, knowing that Travis and Leslie were waiting for me outside. 

"Morning Mom, Dad," I shoot them a believable smile as I stop at the entrance of the kitchen, although it was anything but. "Travis and Leslie are waiting for me outside, so I'm gonna skip breakfast for today." 


Mom frowned at me, pulling something out of the microwave. "You should eat something, Dakota. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It helps you focus in class, believe it or not." The amount of times I hear that phrase in a week is just crazy. 


I refrained from rolling my eyes as I nodded just to amuse her. "I'll grab something on the way. See you guys later!"


"Have a nice day," My dad called out. Free from their judging eyes, I rolled my own and stepped out the door, saluting at Travis and Leslie. I walked to his car and opened the front door, giving him a kiss on his cheek. 

"Mornin' Dakota," Travis grinned at me as he ran a hand through his brown hair.  

"Hey," I winked at him and turned around, looking at Leslie. "Hey babe!" 

She shot me a look of disgust. "You know how I hate those disgusting pet names." 

I laughed. "That's... exactly why I do it." Travis started driving. "Remind me how many months of school we have left?" 

Leslie groaned. "Don't even say it." 


"Nine months," Travis said in mock glee, stopping at a red light. 

I sighed deeply, shoving my middle finger in his face. "Asshole," I muttered under my breath. 

"Come on, Dakota," He whined, shoving my hand away as he stepped on the gas pedal. "It's senior year--" 


"And it has been for a month already," I said sarcastically.


"--and we should enjoy it, just like every other teenager." He finished. "Leslie, help me out here." 

She grinned, "You can be like Travis, who gets straight A's and God forbid ever fails a test, or you can be like me, who skips classes, never does homework, and is always the trouble maker." 

"You could be more cliche," Travis rolled his eyes as he pulled in at the school parking lot. We all stepped out and I forced myself to pay attention to their bickering, instead of the cries of happiness from the children entering school. Only nine more months... I can control it. 

"What's the point of school, anyways?" Leslie pointed out as we walked closer to the entrance. "I mean, we come here for about eight hours a day, to learn stuff we aren't going to use in the future. I don't plan on going to college, so--"

"Speaking of ditching," I said, half-aware of her words. I was staring at the brown-haired and green-eyed girl I saw at the park yesterday. She's so pretty... "I really don't feel like coming in today." I felt the familiar tingling sensation build at the bottom of my navel. Great. 

Travis stopped walking. "Why?" 

I forced myself to look at him. "I'm horny." I hope they didn't notice I was staring at that sexy little girl.


He raised his eyebrows, as did Leslie. "You can get laid after school. Besides, I don't want you to get grounded by your parents when they find out." 

"'When they find out?'" I echoed. "Have a little faith in me, darling." 

"Where do you plan on going?" Leslie asked me. The bell rang. 

Travis pursed his lips. "You guys can skip if you want, but I'm staying." He walked away. I rolled my eyes, watching from the corner of my eye as the little girl went inside. I can control it. As long as I only watch... 


I shook my head, snapping myself out of it. "I don't know, Leslie. Let's skip during lunch." 

Leslie sighed. "Fine." We walked inside. 

The only benefit of going to school was seeing those little kids during lunch, where they would play outside for forty five minutes. I can look at them for a few seconds. I can control it. 

Leslie and I walked to our first class. Unlike her, I made somewhat of an effort to pay attention, but lately, the fantasies and urges were getting worse every day, no matter the hard efforts I put to control it. As a result of that, my grades were dropping and I was slowly not giving a damn about school. 

I walked inside and sat down in the back, slamming my bag on my desk. For the remainder of my classes, I went on my phone, playing a game I found on the app store. Soon it was lunchtime and I ran into Leslie. 

"Hey," She told me. "I can't skip today, I have to make up a test." 


I sighed and slipped my phone in my back pocket. "Since when do you care about retaking a test?" 


"Since Mr. Lawton threatened to give me detention for the rest of this week if I don't take it," She ran a hand through her blonde hair. Mr. Lawton was her math teacher. "I hate staying after school." 


"You and me both," I said. "Whatever, we can do it some other time." My phone buzzed. "I'll see you later." 


I walked away, taking my phone out. It was a text message from my mom: Come home as soon as you can.

I replied back: Why? Did anything happen? 

She didn't respond. Looks like I found my excuse to skip. 


I ran home in record timing, speed walking inside. Both of my parents were sitting on the couch. My mom's face was red and blotchy. She was crying. My dad had an unreadable expression. Is he angry? 

"What happened?" I said worriedly. Did they find my diary? 

"We... We have some great news," My mom began, sniffing and wiping her nose. She looked at me with a wide smile, wrapping her arms around my dad. "I'm pregnant!" 



Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Please vote and comment! 

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