Hell's Angels

kellin quinn runs clairemont academy. he's had control over the whole school since he moved to london with his mother and his step-father 7 years ago at the tender age of 11. he decides what happens and when and he can ruin your reputation with the snap of a finger. so what happens when the stress of running the whole school gets too much?

vic fuentes runs hell's angels, one of the most notorious gangs in london. they're involved in drug trafficking, murders, robberies and even full-fledged heists. so what happens when a little emo kid who claims to run his school comes to him looking for a stress-relief?


4. Nasty

*song of chapter: Nasty Freestyle by T-Wayne*




"Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but I really need money." I sighed.

"We've fucked in the past for free." Oli's British accent came through the speaker on my phone.

"I'm only asking for twenty. Most prostitutes charge that for a hand job!" I exclaimed.

"Jesus Christ, what do you need this money for anyway?" Oli asked.

"It's none of your business." I replied.

"Fine, I'll pop over later yeah? I'm busy though, I can't stay long." The hazel eyed boy sighed.

* * *

"I've missed you, you know?" I breathed between heated, passionate kisses.

"Yeah, 'course you did. It's not like you've got a million other guys to fuck." Oli spoke through his teeth.

"Piss off." I scoffed.

Oli lifted me up by my hips and I wrapped my legs around his waist, bringing my arms up around his neck to tangle my hands in his hair. I tugged lightly on his hair and he moaned loudly. I pulled his head towards mine and brought our lips together again, slipping my tongue in his mouth and fighting for dominance.

I pulled away and began pressing kisses along his neck, nibbling at the tattooed flesh there as he began walking towards my bedroom. Oli dropped me onto my king sized bed and hurriedly climbed on top of me attacking my neck and sliding his hands up underneath my shirt.

His hands were cold against my stomach, causing goosebumps to pop up all over my body and a shiver to run down my spine. I arched my back and raised my arms as he pulled my shirt up over my head, throwing it somewhere in the room.

I tugged on the bottom of his shirt and he sat back on his knees to pull it off. I took that time to admire his tattooed torso, colourful patterns swirling their way around the 'Reckless' tattoo on his abdominal.

He smiled and winked at me when he noticed my staring, "Like what you see?"

"Don't flatter yourself." I frowned, pulling him back down towards me.

Oli smirked against my lips as his hands went down to mess with the button on my jeans, hurriedly trying to undo them. I lifted my hips off of the bed as he tugged my jeans down my legs along with my boxers until I was completely naked.

"Mmm, turn over." Oli grinned.

I rolled over onto my hands and knees and waited, all I could hear was Oli taking his jeans off behind me. I heard the loud snap of a bottle cap opening and smiled slightly.

He quickly lubed up his fingers and pushed them into me, stretching my entrance. I groaned as the sharp pain slowly became pleasure and I started to grind down my hips. His fingers were constantly brushing against my prostate, making high pitched moans practically pour from my mouth.

I gripped onto the crisp, white bed sheets as I let out moans and groans. I could tell Oli was smirking at me and I said, "Stop smirking you fucking bastard."

He pulled out leaving me empty and open. I whined which made him chuckle huskily. As he ripped open the condom and rolled it on, my dick was already throbbing. He lubed up and gripped onto my hips with one of his hands.

Oli quickly pushed into me, placing his other hand on my shoulder as he waited for me to adjust to his size. I nodded and moaned as he began to pull his hips back until just his tip was inside of me before slamming all the way in again.

"Oh, fuck, Oli." I whined.

"You're such a slut." He chuckled, bringing his other hand up to my other shoulder to pull me back into each and every one of his powerful thrusts.

Every single time he pushed into me I felt him hit my prostate and I had to stop myself from screaming.

He got a fistful of my long black hair and used it to pull me up so my back was against his chest and wrapped his arm around my waist. I could hear the low grunts he was letting out as he brought his lips to my ear.

"Paying me to fuck you, huh? Probably gonna use that for drugs, right? I always knew you were a fucking coke whore." He whispered in my ear.

"Fuck, Oli, harder." I begged as I felt a familiar heat begin to pool in my abdomen.

Oli brought his hand down and wrapped it around my dick, pumping me in time with his thrusts until I came over his hand with a loud moan of his name.

He stilled inside of me and removed his hand from my hair and the arm from my waist as he let me collapse onto the bed. I didn't notice when he stood up and started getting dressed.

I looked up when I got my breath back, just as he was about to leave the room.

"Cheers for the shag, Kell." Oli gave me a thumbs up before hurriedly leaving.

I looked around me for any form of money but couldn't see anything.

"What the fuck Oli?!" I wrapped the cover from the bed around me and walked over to my window, swinging it open.

"You fucking bastard!" I screamed as he ran down the street.

All I heard was his stupid cocky laughter and the sound of his feet heavily hitting the ground as he ran.

There was no way I'd be able to find 24 pounds in half an hour. I sat down on my bed, pulling my boxers back on before laying down. I honestly didn't know what to do.

I was scared of what would happen to me. This guy worked for one of the most notorious gang leaders in the United Kingdom, probably even the World but I didn't watch the news often enough to know about that.

In the end I decided that I should probably tell Jaime the truth, I'd probably get into more trouble for lying to him than I would for not being able to pay the money. I could probably get it soon anyway.

I pulled my clothes back on and took a quick look in my wallet to see if there was anything there. All I could see was a few worthless pennies and my debit card that I could do fuck all with in a drug deal.

I grabbed a jacket and my phone before jogging down the stairs. I figured if I walked slowly enough I could stretch it out as long as I possibly could so I decided to leave early instead of sitting around panicking for half an hour.

* * *

"What the fuck do you mean you don't have the money?" Jaime yelled in my face.

I was honestly surprised that I hadn't pissed myself at this point 'cause no matter how nice this guy seemed, right now, he was terrifying.

"Well, I did a job this morning but the guy didn't pay me so I kind of couldn't get the money?" My voice shook as I tried to give him my best excuse.

"Are you asking me or telling me?" He took a step closer to me, if that was even possible.

"I'm telling you, that's what happened, I swear." I held my hands up.

"The boss is pissed that I even let you have more time to get me the money, but now you're telling me you ain't got it. May God have mercy on your soul when he gets his hands on you." Jaime chuckled to himself.

"He'll understand right? Like, I'm a teenage boy, I can barely afford condoms but if I had some more time then it'd be fine right?" I tried to talk myself out of it.

"Shut the fuck up, you're making it worse for yourself." Jaime glared at me.

I hurriedly stopped talking; hoping if I just did what he said I could make this better for myself.

The last thing I heard before all I saw was black and I dropped to the ground was, "Sorry kid."

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