Hell's Angels

kellin quinn runs clairemont academy. he's had control over the whole school since he moved to london with his mother and his step-father 7 years ago at the tender age of 11. he decides what happens and when and he can ruin your reputation with the snap of a finger. so what happens when the stress of running the whole school gets too much?

vic fuentes runs hell's angels, one of the most notorious gangs in london. they're involved in drug trafficking, murders, robberies and even full-fledged heists. so what happens when a little emo kid who claims to run his school comes to him looking for a stress-relief?


6. Know Yourself

*song of chapter: Know Yourself by Drake*



I was beginning to get antsy as I leaned back against the graffiti covered wall along the back of the school. This was my first day of dealing in school and I was waiting for this guy to show up. I had five minutes until first period and if he didn't show up soon I'd have to run; my English class was on the other side of the building.

I couldn't risk getting caught in school, they could call the police and that'd shut this whole thing down. I didn't exactly want Vic to try and put my head on a stick again.

As I was about to turn around and run to my class I heard footsteps from around the corner. I pulled the hood up on my jacket just in case it was someone else but once I realised who it was I looked up and smiled.

"Beau." I greeted.

"Kellin? Not exactly the person I expected to see here." The brown haired boy smiled at me.

"Well, no one expected Miley Cyrus to come out with Wrecking Ball but look what happened there." I shrugged.

"True." He chuckled.

"What do you want an ounce of weed for anyway?" I asked.

"Having a party tonight." He explained before pulling a roll of notes out of his pocket.

"Damn Bokan, getting pretty wild partying on a Monday." I pulled the bag out from my backpack and we made our exchange.

"You should come." He offered as I quickly counted the money.

"I might make an appearance, depends if I'm available." I shrugged, putting the money into the new wallet I'd bought for my deals.

Beau hummed before replying, "Yeah, 'cause you've got a totally legit and professional job now."

"Fuck off." I laughed, "We should get to first period yeah?"

"Who you working for anyway?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" I smirked.

* * *

I sat at the back of the classroom, trying to drown out the teacher's monotonous voice as he droned on about Shakespeare when I heard the receptionist's voice come over the speakers.

"Kellin Quinn to the principal's office, Kellin Quinn to the principal's office." Her croaky voice sounded fuzzy on the low-quality speakers.

"Shit." I muttered.

I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder and quickly walked out before anyone could make some sarcastic comment about how many times I get called to the office. As I was making my way up there I was trying to figure out what it could be.

It definitely wouldn't be anything good but I couldn't think of anything I'd done badly recently. It was probably to remind me that unless my behaviour improved, I wouldn't graduate.

Instead of knocking on the door I just pushed it open and walked in; I'm in here so much it's not even rude anymore. I'm actually on a first name basis with the principal.

"Morning, Gregory." I smiled as I walked in and sat down.

"Mr. Quinn, I had a very big concern that I need to discuss with you." The greying man sighed, joining his hands together in front of him on his desk.

"That's quite formal, what have I done this time." I smirked, crossing my legs and leaning back in the seat.

He turned his computer screen around and I saw the frozen image of me and Beau earlier on. I knew he saw my face drop but I tried to cover it up quickly.

"I was, um, selling him something." I shrugged.

"What was that something?" Gregory smiled sarcastically.

"Pokemon cards." The lie rolled off my tongue so quickly that I didn't even realise what I was saying.

When I figured out what I had said I cursed myself internally for being so damn stupid. What 18 year old is going to be trading pokemon cards?

"That looks like a lot of money for some trading cards. Also, judging by the way you pulled your hood up when Beau was approaching, it was a very secretive card exchange." Gregory gestured to the screen as he played the security footage.

I'd completely forgotten about the fucking cameras!

"It looks a bit shady doesn't it, Kellin?"

"Hey, I know what it looks like but it's definitely not what you're thinking I promise you." I tried to convince him.

"So if I look in your bag now there will be nothing but your school supplies." He smirked.

"You don't need to look in my bag, there's nothing in it." I rushed out knowing full well I had 3 baggies of weed in there.

"Why don't we take a look then?" He picked up my bag and unzipped it.

Gregory pulled the bags out and sighed, "I'll call your parents and let them know you're suspended."

"For how long?" I panicked.

"I've yet to decide."

* * *

"You got fucking suspended?!" Angel yelled.

I didn't even bother going home from school, I went straight to the Hell's Angels mansion to tell Vic. I knew he'd want to know as there was a plan for me to sell in school.

"Angel, chill." The guy with the medusa piercing, I'd recently learnt his name was Mike, said.

"I will not chill! Do you guys understand how bad this is? We could all go down because of this!" Angel kept pacing around the room.

"They won't call the police because that would mean I'll get in trouble too and they need me at that school." I explained, it was a slight exaggeration. I mean they still might call the police but it'd get me out of trouble with a bunch of angry gang members.

"What do you mean?" The blue eyed girl asked.

"Believe it or not, I'm actually really smart. With me there they have a good reputation, they won't risk losing me." I smirked.

"You lucky bastard." She chuckled.

I swear to God this girl is bipolar.

"I can't deal at school anymore obviously but I've got more time for just doing it around town now." I suggested.

"Dude, being suspended doesn't mean you aren't allowed on school grounds. You can chill around the back and deal there." Mike explained.

I was about to reply when the door opened and a guy with messy auburn hair walked through. Vic stood up and shook hands with him before turning to me.

"Kellin, this is Alexandru. He helps Andy, our hitman."

"Hey man, I'm Kellin." I shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you, man." He smiled before turning to Angel and Mike, "Look, I ain't got much time so we need to discuss this heist thing now."

"Heist?" I asked.

"The Bank of England heist." Vic answered nonchalantly.

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