Hell's Angels

kellin quinn runs clairemont academy. he's had control over the whole school since he moved to london with his mother and his step-father 7 years ago at the tender age of 11. he decides what happens and when and he can ruin your reputation with the snap of a finger. so what happens when the stress of running the whole school gets too much?

vic fuentes runs hell's angels, one of the most notorious gangs in london. they're involved in drug trafficking, murders, robberies and even full-fledged heists. so what happens when a little emo kid who claims to run his school comes to him looking for a stress-relief?


1. 212

*song of chapter: 212 by Azealia Banks ft. Lazy Jay*



I made sure my head was high and my shoulders back as I stormed through the art corridor in Clairemont Academy. I ran this school and I'd be damned if people didn't know it. Everywhere I went people would look at me in fear and to someone who didn't attend out school it would've seemed somewhat stupid.

I was some little emo kid who would probably get his ass whooped in a fight yet I'd found a way to manipulate everyone in this school into practically worshiping the ground I walked on. I had been bullied in elementary and middle school and received more than enough verbal abuse at home, there was no way I'd let myself take any shit from this place.

Every morning I'd walk in with a lot of pent up anger from whatever stupid lecture my step-father decided to give me that day. The most common lecture I was given was about the fact that God would never let me through the pearly gates because I was a 'faggot'.

That's right, the big bad bully liked to suck cock and no one gave a shit about it. Only because they knew I'd get them jumped if they tried anything but still, I'd never received any harm here for my sexuality.

I smirked as I saw a familiar ginger head of hair in the crowd of students. People began to move out of my way as they noticed I was there until there was only one kid left in the centre of the hallway, the rest of them packed against the lockers.

The kid looked up from his clipboard when he realised everyone had gone silent, looking around him with a slightly worried expression on his face until he noticed me.

"Kellin!" Matty exclaimed.

I walked over to him, slinging my arm over his shoulder and pulling him with me as I carried on walking. Everyone was now looking at us with wide eyes and open mouths until I yelled at them.

"Stop fucking staring and close your mouths, you ain't fucking fish you twats!" Everyone began hurriedly moving around, trying to get as far away from me as possible.

When everyone had dispersed I looked back over to Matty before saying, "Right, what've we got today then?"

Matty was a goody two shoes and everyone loved him but he was also head boy and the only kid that had ever been nice to me in my childhood. Him being head boy worked out perfectly for me, I was one of the first people to find out about new students, new rules and upcoming events which helped me avoid ever being out of control.

"Well, there's this new kid called Austin, just moved here from California, he's in our year, pretty much all his classes with us. Um, nothing really interesting about him to be honest." Matty shrugged, reading things off of his clipboard.

"What about that bit there?" I pointed at a large paragraph at the bottom of the page.

"Oh right, apparently he was caught with weed in school and he got suspended a few times too for vandalism among other things." Matty skimmed through the paragraph, reading out the important bits to me.

"You should've said that in the first place!" I exclaimed, "You do realise that he'd fit in perfectly with us."

"That's what I thought when I first got his file." Matty chuckled.

"There's a spare seat next to me in maths, I'll make sure he gets sat there so I can talk to him." I said, before turning right down into the maths corridor.

"If he tries to sell you drugs make sure they're good quality!" Matty called over his shoulder, attracting the attention of a teacher who happened to be walking down the corridor at that time.

I laughed to myself as I saw the teacher begin to lecture Matty about drugs before pushing open the door to my math classroom. Everyone looked over at me as I'd come in around ten minutes late.

"Mr. Bostwick, that's the fourth time this week." Mr. Serra raised his eyebrows as he looked up at the clock.

"Do I look like I care?" I scoffed.

"Well, you do look like you want an hour detention after school tomorrow." The Spanish man retorted.

"This class is practically detention for me, that detention won't be necessary." I smirked before walking to the back of the classroom towards my seat.

There was an unfamiliar boy sat in the seat next to mine and I quickly figured out that it was this new Austin kid. He had a few tattoos that I could see from where the sleeves on his jacket had rolled up slightly and he looked somewhat uncomfortable in his seat because his long legs were stretched out a lot.

I looked him up and down quite obviously as I sat down in my seat. I waited a moment before I leaned over slightly to talk to Austin.

"Oi, I'm Kellin." I introduced myself.

"I'm Austin." He nodded slightly.

"How you finding this place?" I asked.

"I've been here for less than half an hour and I already wanna kill myself." He joked.

I laughed slightly before replying, "Honestly, I'd rather be in my bedroom with a blunt right now but we don't all get what we want do we?"

"Fuck, I'd kill for a smoke right now." Austin leaned his head back.

"That's what this school does to you. I kinda figured since you're new I should give you a bit of a run down on his shit works around here. I run this place, that's why everyone shut up when I walked in, they're all scared of me." I smirked.

Austin nodded, taking in what I was saying before saying, "So what you're saying is I shouldn't cross you or you'll fuck me up?"

"Honestly, I want you to hang with us. My friend Matty is head boy so he had your file and I read through some of it. You seem like you could benefit us." I shrugged.

"Alright, as long as I'm not stealing shit because last time that happened I fell out of a window." He agreed.

I was about to reply when Mr. Serra spoke up from the front, "Is there a problem boys?"

"Yeah, I'm fucking bored." I said as I tried to understand the scribble that he'd wrote up on the board.

"Get out of my class, Kellin." He sighed.

"That's tight, he didn't do anything." Austin sat forward in his seat as he complained.

"You too Mr. Carlile." The teacher frowned.

"Bring your bag with you, we'll go out on the football field and get high as a fucking kite." I whispered to Austin.

We both grabbed our bags and walked out of the room, not even bothering to shut the door so that Mr. Serra could see the two of us walking off down the corridor.

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