Halls of Asgard

❝Ary Aragon witnesses someone commit suicide, but the unthinkable happens―the body disappears.❞

With her best friend's support and a ticket to Seri Rue University (SRU), Ary Aragon wastes no time in escaping the unyielding chains of abuse her father and brother roped around her. Fear is no longer merely an acquaintance; looking over her shoulder becomes much more than a habit. Panic eats at Ary's sanity, distorting the sense of normality she thinks is all but hopeless to achieve. They will come for her. They always do.

To achieve a sense of protection, she applies to a self-defense class to ward herself from them, but reality has a funny way of clawing sense back into Ary's world. Before her very eyes, a student from SRU commits suicide, but the body—it vanishes.

Now, with deranged cephibions at her tail and the devil's advocate beckoning her soul, Ary knows one thing is certain: an estranged family is the least of her worries.

Paranormal || Fantasy




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