Dramione Everywhere I go

Everywhere I go I see him. Why is he following me. Can't he just leave me alone. Hermione Granger thought as she absent mindedly stunned Fred Weasly.


5. Hogwarts express Draco's pov

Potter and weaslbee came through first then

weaslette and the twins. Granger came in five minutes later. She saw me and had a look of disappointment on her face. Then she ran to Potter and weaslbee (weaslbee has a crush on her). He was scum. She hugged them and said she was so glad to see them. They said it back. Then I had an idea. I walked towards them but stayed at least five feet away and sneered "Who would be glad to see the know it all mud-blood. Oh that's right Potter and weaslbee aka the blood-traitor." My cronies and I just kept laughing and laughing.Then Granger stalked over to where we were and punched me in the nose making me bleed and I got a broken nose, and she yelled "Malfoy keep your mouth shut and leave us alone!" after she kicked me in the balls and stalked back to Potter and weaslbee. Weaslbee congratulated her and Potter asked her if she was ok. Then they got on the train. Five minutes on the train I decided to take a walk. Five minutes later I found Granger's, Potter's and weaslbee's compartment and decided to pay them a visit. I open the sliding doors and Granger instantly stood up and looked furious. She shouted "Go away Malfoy." "Why Granger." I smirked. "Because your not welcome." She yelled pushing me out and slamming the door shut. I was completely and utterly shocked.

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