Dramione Everywhere I go

Everywhere I go I see him. Why is he following me. Can't he just leave me alone. Hermione Granger thought as she absent mindedly stunned Fred Weasly.


3. Diagon Ally Hermione's pov

"Mom, dad hurry up." I said to my parents excitedly.

I lead them all over the place. "Hermione slow down" my mom said to me. "Fine." I replied. Slowing down a lot. Wham! I ran into something more like someone. "I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going." I sincerely said. "You think an apology will make it all better you filthy - mudblood." Snapped an all to familiar voice. Great Draco bloody Malfoy. I wish he weren't here at all. "Shut up Malfoy. That was the only apology your going to get. So you should just shut your mouth. Move!" I yelled shoving past him hard so it would hurt. "Ouch! Granger that hurt." Malfoy snapped. "Good." I snapped back. A few minutes later I ran into the Weasly family. Who had Harry with them. "Hi Harry, Ron." I said hugging them at the same time. "Hi 'mione." they said in union. We went to flourish 'n blots. Just to theirs and my luck Malfoy was there. "Oh look it's the blood-traitors, Potter and the filthy mud-blood." Malfoy sneered at Ron, George, Fred, Ginny, Harry and me. "Shut it Malfoy. At least we aren't arrogant idiots who think we're better than every one else." I snapped annoyed by Malfoy and his pure-blood friends. Everyone started at me shocked. (By everyone I mean Ron, George, Fred, Ginny and Harry.) Malfoy looked taken aback for a moment, then quickly recovered. "You'll regret that mud-blood." Malfoy threatened.

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