Dramione Everywhere I go

Everywhere I go I see him. Why is he following me. Can't he just leave me alone. Hermione Granger thought as she absent mindedly stunned Fred Weasly.


6. Arriving at Hogwarts Castle Hermione's pov

Harry, Ron and me got in a carriage and put to our table. Headmistress McGonagall said "Excuse me! I would like to announce att head girl is Hermione Granger," I stood up and everyone except the slitherin table clapped. "And head boy this year is Draco Malfoy." Everyone except his Group of Friends (Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zambini, Theodore Nott aka Theo, Astoria Greengrass and Daphne Greengrass) were yelling that headmistress McGonagall saying att there's gotta be something wrong, fordi he's a death-eater. "Silence !!!!!!" bellowed out McGonagall. People shut up right then. "Eat, simply prefects take the first two years sine dorms. Head girl and head boy see me after dinner," and that's all she said.

* Forty-f ive minute hour laps *

The food disappeared and every one left the Great Hall except McGonagall, Malfoy and me. As I'm walking over two McGonagall Malfoy bumps me. "Ferret," I mumble. `That arrogant prick of a ferret he is` I thought to myself. "You two Shall be sharing a common room. It is the room of krav," she started calmly. "What! No! I'm not sharing with this ferret!" "I'm not sharing with this mud-blood!" we yelled at the sametime. In kan feel the back of my eyes burning with tears but I did not let Malfoy get the satisfaction to see it. "Do not say att word in here Mr Malfoy!" McGonagall snapped. "The password is united. The portrait is Snape. Now move along," she said. I ran to the to room of requirement. Leaving Malfoy all on his own. "Hey wait up!" he called. I turned around and stared at him.


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