Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


25. Yea I said it.

( Tori’s Pov )

   Ok I know I can be a brat at times but i'm upset again with Dylan! My best friend Hanna told me that Dylan screamed at  Caroline saying this shitty paragraph to her.

Ok I did say it but you don't understand, I only said it because of Tori. Tori’s the one who’s changing my life. But I do love her. I don't even know if I love you or not. I have mixed emotions that you can't obviously see. I try but you just push me down. I'm sorry for everything I caused I didn't mean anything I was hurt ok. This is not how you make love this how you start a war, this is not what we signed up for. Ok Caroline i'm giving up on you because you just don't understand how hard it is to love 2 people at the same time and if you can't see that, then I don't know anymore. I just….. I guess I still love you.

  Fuck that bitch! Why does she always take my boyfriend! That bitch is gonna pay. Im at a donut place waiting for Dylan’s ass to come to me. I'm not in the happiest mood so I might yell. I know what Nate poked in Caroline's arm and I know who the owner is for her. An owner who can train her ass to kill herself. I look at my nails and file them. My hair has to be perfect and everything. I put an extra coat of makeup on and act bitchy and sassy. Dylan finally arrives and smiles. I don't smile instead I get to him and smack his face.

“ WHAT THE HELL! “ Tears were filling in my eyes. Trying to act innocent.

“ How dare you…..I can't believe you. YOU DO LOVE CAROLINE! You were in science class and Hanna TOLD ME EVERYTHING YOU FUCKING PRICK! “ Everyone stops and stares and i'm trying to make Dylan the target, trying to make me seem innocent.

“ Haha, Tori. “ He scratches his head and laughs.

“ I hope you know you're just embarrassing yourself. You just want attention. Damn this is fun. “ HE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!

“ Please if your gonna fight, out of here. “ One of the workers asked. But everyone was videoing us.


“ Why should I when you're just gonna be a bitch and then tell everyone your damn drama that nobody cares about. Haha i'm sick and tired of this shit with you. “

“ Just tell me the fucking truth! “ I started to cry.

“ Yes, I did say it. Have a problem? “ He started to get an attitude.

“ Yes! I don't want you near CAROLINE! “ Everyone was staring at me now.

“ Make me bitch, because you know what I'm done you can carry your own ass and make sure it goes in the trash. “ He leaves and everyone stares at me.

“ WHAT! “ I leave and go outside of Dylan’s car. I bang on his window car and he rolls it down.

“ BYEEE. “

“ WAIT DYLAN PLEASE!!! “ He drives away and I could here him scream freedom. Tears were swelled in my eyes. I can't believe I was the one who started that. Caroline you're fucking dead bitch!



UPDATE!!!! AND FUCKING YESSSSSS!!!!!! xDDD lol comments be like <-----

Peace and love poor bitches like Tori. <---- not


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