Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


8. Tori

( Dylans pov )


    Im screaming inside my mind while im driving. Tears were on my face. She just left…..screamed at me. What happen to the part of not getting mad? I parked my car in front of my house and just layed my head on my arms that were on the steering wheel. I got mad, upset, hurt, cheated on, everything you can think in the old handbook. I look at the time on the radio. 9:40 am. I stop the engine and get out the car. I instantly stop when I saw Tori in front of my porch sitting down.

“ Oh my gosh you're finally here! I knocked and your mom answered and told me to come in but I suggested to stay out here but she gave me some lemonade! Isn't she nice?!” I turn around and walk down my driveway, which is kinda like a hill.

“ Wait up! “ She runs to catch up with me, almost tripping.

“ Why the fuck are you here? “

“ Silly im here to spend time with you...Omg what happen to your face and are you ok you seem upset? “ She was getting on the annoying side.

“ Oh….cool great isn't that fantastic “ I say sarcastically.

“ Im fine and yes I am but it doesn't matter because I obviously dont care about people that I love.”  

“ OH yes you do! You love Caroline. “

“ Apparently not, “ I shove to the side and keep walking down and walk my street.

“ Why you say that what happen? “

“ Oh my gosh don't worry about it! “ Damn she is on the annoying side.

“ Ok im sorry I was just trying to help. “ When she said that I felt sorry and guilty that I yelled at her.

“ Im sorry im just aggravated...And I dont know. “

“ Oh its okay…. Sorry im pestering you. “

“ No no you're not. “ Well she kinda was. We walked the whole time saying nothing. I saw a hill that had a huge tree on it. I started to walk up the hill and Tori followed. I finally get to the top and the other side was a bright huge clear of a lake. Too pretty even Tori was amazed. I go by the tree and sit down and watch the view. Tori sits next to me and her hands were really close to mine. Tori has blue eyes that match the lake and her hair as gold as the sun.

“ Pretty huh? “ I say looking at her.

“ Yea it is. “ She looked at me and smiled. I smile back. I see a bunny hopping around and jump in a hole.

“ Did you see that bunny? “ Tori smiles while looking at me. I nod.

“ Yea…. Cute. “ I turned to look at Tori. Her eyes gave me goosebumps but the good kind.

Tori and I kept staring at each other what felt like forever. I barely know this girl and I already like her. Just then our lips are like 2 inches away from each other. I could feel her breath in the area where my lips were at. 2 seconds later we were kissing. At first it was a bit weird because of me and Caroline but I didnt care because apparently im a heartless person. I laid my back against the tree and she put her legs on each side of me and sat on my lap. ( Like a backward piggy back ride ) She keeps kissing me and directed my hands on her hips. I seemed to like it but then I didnt.

 We stopped when I saw Caroline on the way down from the hill. Just standing there looking straight up at us. Tori gets off and I stand up.

“ Caroline? Why are you here? “ I could see tears in her eyes.

“ I was walking to your place but your mom said that you went with Tori..So I just decided to walk over here on the street to go to the store….But here I am standing low and looking at you guys. I didnt mean to interrupt sorry carry on. “ She started to get mad.

“ Yea im sorry you found me. Wish you didnt, it would have been better not seeing you.  “ I say angrily. Me and Tori walk down the hill holding hands.

“ Maybe you shouldn't be an ass. “ Tori was gonna snap when she said that, but I stopped her.

“ Hahah yea Im sorry I am an ass but im sorry you're a bitch sooo. Bitches can't fix ditches sooo “ I could see hurtness and pain going through her eyes. Her eyes swelled up with tears. They stream down her cheeks. She wipes them away and looks down. Tori laughs about that comment and I just smile. 

“ Yea your right….And im sorry I am a bitch….” Tears kept going down her cheeks.

“ Just leave him alone and stop being his..”

“ Stop Tori…. Are we even friends anymore? “ She wiped her tears away once again.

“ …. I guess not...good bye Dylan…” She hands me a piece of paper and walks away crying.


 I reread our text messages everyday and laugh. I smile like an idiot, not knowing what to say when i'm with you… But when i'm near you. I get suddenly happy, and I make another heart to replace the ones that explode from too much love I have with you. No matter what you'll be on my mind and we'll always be together forever lovers or friends.

  I love you Dylan.


After reading it I shove it in my pocket. Tori and I keep holding hands walking towards my house, away from Caroline, just like couples do. Caroline said I don't care. No shes wrong I care about me and Tori. Our relationship is growing.




A/N : 

Hey im sorry this is short but Im hoping you understand so far about the concept towards Dylan and Caroline.  And im sorry about the hatred they have for each other. Anyways I have to go because im gonna make more chapters

Peace and love the bitches xDDD 




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