Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


6. Too much

Were still in car and I feel a light touch on my thigh. I look over and Dylan had his hand on me. His warmth made me tingle. I didn't want him to let go so I put my hand on top of his. He smiles and stops the car.

“ Were here “ In my mind I screamed saying...THANK GOD!!! I looked at him and nod at him. He opens my door and I get out. I see him blush but I didn't know why.

“ Caro….”

“ What?” I look behind me and my skirt was up. I had spandax under my skirt so it wasn't so embarrassing. I quickly fix it and walk away like nothing happened. We walk inside and it was huge! 4 restaurants were built into it, 3 discos, 1 large bar, a dancing/stripping area, and rooms upstairs for whatever use want them for. Dylan drags me in and we sit at the bar. I look at him and don't say anything.

“ 2 shots of Sex on the beach lux please “ Dylan says to the girl bartender, who is dressed like an exotic dancer or something, something that would make the boys want more. The girl gives Dylan the shots and she just stares at him for a moment.

“ Uh...thanks “ She leaves and Dylan hands me the shots.

“ Dylan i'm not drinking both and I don't drink never have and never will “ He looks at me weird.

“ Hahah thats what you say now, and no I get one and you get one too “ He takes one and gulps it. He smiles and looks at me waiting, for me to take one.  

“ You dont have to caro...Im not gonna pressure you.” It's true he wasn't going to but I didn't want to seem like a wimp. I take it and gulp it down like a shot. It had a tingling feeling through my tongue. And it tasted really good but when you first try it, it gives you a sensation for more. Dylan looks at me and looks worried.

“ Are you ok? “ He put his hand on my knee.

“ Yea “ I ask the bartender for 4 more shots.

“ Woah 4 “ The bartender gives them to me and I split them with Dylan. I chug them down but surprisingly I wasn't drunk...yet.

“ Thought you don't drink “ Dylan laughs. 3 shots can get you drunk just depends how much alcohol. The shots are 2 inches deep and that could make you drunk.

“ Caroline I think you need…” I stop him and kissed his soft breath taking lips. He blushed really hard and he smiled too.

“ Wanna go dance Caro?” I nod and he grabs my hand


( Dylans pov )

 That moment when she kissed me shocked the daylights out of me. I don't think 3 shots can get you drunk but damn. I cant bring her home drunk so Im trying to make sure she doesn't drink a lot. I asked her if she wanted to dance and she quickly nodded so I grabbed her hand and put my hands on her waist, while she puts her arms on my shoulders. I pull her in close and we slow dance a little. She lays her head on my shoulder and I can feel her lips brushed up against my neck. The disco lights were going slower and it was time for the actual slow dance. SOngs were coming on and the disco lights were going slow and everybody ( well almost everybody ) was dancing with someone.

“ Dylan “ I over hear Caro whispering my name by my ear.

“ Yea “ It was kinda silent for a moment.

“ Can I ask you a question? “ She slowly moves away from my shoulder

“ Am I drunk? “ I laugh a little and smile.

“ I hope not but…”

“ HEY DYLAN! I didn't think you would come! “ I look ahead from where I heard that voice. One guy and a girl. Me and Caro stopped and looked ahead. Then I knew who the guy was….My best friend….Nate.

“ Oh hey Nate...haha I forgot you were coming “ I scratch the back of my head, smiling.

“ Haha hey you remember Tori right? My project gal? “ I look at her and she kept looking at me, I turn and I see Caro looking at me too “

“ Yea ...Hey Tori whats up? “ She smiles and doesn't say anything.

“ Well Nate and Tori this is my best friend Caroline.” Caro smiles and they both said hey. I see Nate gauzing on Caroline. I interrupt their moment.

“ Uh hey anyone want any food? “

“ Yea sure “ Nate quickly went to Caro’s side. And I can feel Caro squeezing my arm like she felt uncomfortable.

“ Ok so where? “ Tori squealed.

“ I dont know. Where do you want to eat at Caroline? “ Nate asked while looking around. Caro didn't say anything and I could feel her hand on mine like she was wanting me and nobody else. She holds my hand tight and I accept. While holding hands I could see Tori looking at us.

“ I thought you said you two were just best friends “ She smirked.

“ We are why? “ She looks at me and smiles.

“ Then why are….oooo I found the place we should all eat at! “ Tori shrieked and took my hand and ran, while leaving Caroline behind on accident. She brought me to a place called Peking , a chinese place.

“ Peking? “

“ YES I love PEKING! Especially chinese food. “ She takes my hand and sits me down.

  She's really happy and talkative, she likes to wear shorts that go to her ass area. More like a slut. Shes pretty and has a bubbly personality. Caroline is nothing like Tori, Caro is extremely pretty, attractive,  a huge bubbly personality, a fun person and quite more things.

“ I'm actually gonna go find Ca...nevermind “ Before I could do anything Caro was with Nate about to sit down. Caro sat next to me, holding my arm sleeve. Is she ok? Is she nervous?

“ You ok Caroline? “ I whisper to her in her ear. She quickly grabs my hands and drags me to an elevator. We got in and she presses number 1, the rooms for whatever you want to use them for.

“Caroline what's wrong? “ She got close to me and instantly kissed me. The elevator stopped and open its doors, but we kissed like 3 times.

“ Dont leave me….Stay with me “ She whispers almost crying.

“ I won't baby you know that. Ill keep you safe no matter what. “ She smiles and kisses me 2 more times. The elevator brought us back down and we went to the table Tori and Nate were at. Tori looks at me really hard.

“ I brought the food for us to share, but actually I want to talk to Dylan, if thats ok? “ Tori looked at me and Caroline. I looked at Caro and she nods.

“ Yea its fine “

“ Great “ She grabs my hand and I look back and Nate scoots over towards Caroline. She brings all the way back where there's a pond/ fountain and flowers everywhere. We sit on a bench and she lets go of my hand.

“ So uh...why are…” She puts her finger on my lips.

“ I brought you here because...I really like you and I can tell you like Caroline too and I thought for sure you were the one for me...but you're “ technologically “ taken. “ She looks at me and looks like she was about to cry. I didnt want to hurt her, I dont like hurting girls. I dont say anything.

“ Well you're not actually dating her are you? “ I nod my head no.

“ Were just really close, “ I say softly. She looks at me and I look away. She puts her hand on my face and made me look at her.

“ Well will you go out with me? Please? “ I hate when girls ask you that question when they know that boy doesn't like you back.

“ I can't i'm really sorry….I have Caroline remember? “

“ She doesn't have to know, please at least for a week, you’ll get to know me and then after that one week it's your choice to break up with me. “ I cant keep secrets from Caroline… I love her and that wouldn't be right but I dont want to break Tori's heart and she already looks like she's about to cry.

“ Ok….Fine….But only for a week “ She cheers with happiness and she leans in and kisses my lips.

“ WOAH...too much and jumping a bit ahead. “ I never say that to a girl when i'm dating them but I barely know this girl.

“ Oops sorry my bad. “ She grabs my hand and we meet back with Caroline and Nate. I see them together talking but Caroline doesn't look uncomfortable. I tell Nate to scoot his ass to the right and I sit between them. I can feel Caro squeezing my hand and she wouldn't let go.

I basically don't care how much it kinda hurt...I deserve it because now sooner or later I might hurt Caro...but I have to tell her…

Im so sorry Caroline.


( Carolines pov )

   Dancing with Dylan made me feel relaxed and comfortable and safe. His hands on my waist and my arms around his shoulders. We get into the soothing music, while i'm watching everyone dance and the disco ball slowly move. Just then someone hollers for Dylan and that's how I met Tori and Nate.


 When Dylan leaves to go with Tori, im here stuck with Nate. I don't feel so comfortable with him. Smells like liquor and looks like a guy who would kill someone. I mean he's cute and his personality is bubbly. He has white teeth when he smiles. But what makes me uncomfortable towards him is he's keeps looking at me, like when we first met he wouldn't stop.

“ Wonder what she has to talk to him about, “  I don't say anything.

“ You sure don't talk do you? “

“ No I do its just that I dont talk to people who I don't feel comfortable towards. “ He seemed hurt.

“ So you dont like me? “ I look at him.

“ I didn't say I don't like you I just feel….”

“ So you do like me and you would want to go out with me but you're scared to say and find me cute and you're uncomfortable about the feeling you're getting because i'm burning you up “

“ Wha!!....Wait what! I never…”

“ Ok well how about you come to my house next Saturday and let me know what you think..Ok? “

I dont say anything. He looks at me and puts his hand on my thigh and squeezes. I felt a big urge to scream at him but I didnt. Before I could say anything, Nate came in and kissed me twice on the lips.

“ No stop too much…” He stopped and looked away. And just then Dylan and Tori came back. I see Nate staring at Dylan and Dylan looking down. Dylan touches my thigh and I quickly grab his hand and squeeze it, trying to hold back the tears.

“ Well Caroline hows your part of life with being the role of princess towards Dylan? “ She snickers. I see Dylan and Nate staring straight dead in her eyes.  

“ You know it's actually a really good life. But here's my questions hows life being part of a dirty ass slut? “ She looks dead into my eyes and her eyes said ‘ You're dead ‘ She stands up.

“ You bitch! “ She screams and everyone stops and stares at our direction.

“ Rather be a bitch than a prostitute. “

“ OHHHHHHH! “ The crowd says from behind. She looks dead into my eyes. I get up also and so does Dylan and Nate. They were staying away from us but Dylan was close towards me. The crowd gathered around us, leaving space between me and Tori. It felt like we were about to fight each other. 

“ The moment I set eyes on you, your forehead said Women whore, no wonder you look so tight, “

“ OHHH! “

“ Im not the one who acts like a slut just for money so later on you can get drunk and react so you can have that “ Big “ one when nobody would want to “ F “ that when your flat. “

“ OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! “ She comes charging into me! She trips and hurts her knee. She gets up and and her knee was bleeding from scraping it.

“ Too much? “

“ Hahah no but looks like you have a hickey on your neck! “ SHe turns my head and shows everyone the red mark that Dylan sucked on. Everyone stopped and starred.

“ Exactly my point… tell me who’s the slut now. “

“ Guys stop come on…” Dylan says but before he could finish, Tori kisses him.

“ Baby its ok no need to be worried. “ Dylan was shocked and couldnt say anything. I was too. I look at him and he looks away finally.

“ Ok Caroline so is it too much for you? “

“ No apparently it is for you because you didn't know what to do and you thought that would effect me...and that's what sluts do. “

“ OHHHH “ She comes at me and slaps me and she almost punched me but I leg swiped her and left the party. I ran and ran and kept running until I found the waterfall. Then and now I was alone until I felt a hand on my shoulder. A quick sensation of hurt and sadness came right through me. I cried my eyes out but just then I feel a hand on my shoulders. It was Dylan.

“ Caro…”

I kissed him and we accidently fell and I was on top. I blushed and he blushes too.

I kiss him again and again.

“ Too much? “ I ask while getting off of him. He doesn't say anything because he lifts me up above him and holds me, while I feel like i'm sitting on his arms. He looks at me and I look at him. Just then there was a sunset and we were in the middle of the sunset. I put my hand on his face and smile and kissed him. We didnt do anything big but it was around 10:50 pm and I had to go home and the whole time in the car he had his hand on my thigh.

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