Two lovers who find themselves as friends realize that they actually need each other.


14. The truth

( Dylan's pov )

“ Caroline what's wrong? Caroline CAROLINE! “



  Caroline told me where she was and I quickly get in the car and drove really fast. Not knowing a cop never caught me for going as fast as I was going.  I see Caroline running towards my car. She gets in and breaths really heavy.

“ Caro…” She looks at me and tears were on her face. It was shocking for a moment. I see Nate come out of the building and finally caught us in the car together.

“ I'll go talk to him. “ I say sweetly.

“ No just drive….Drive! “ I see Nate running towards us but I back up and head towards town. I could here Nate yelling and yelling. I just kept driving, not stopping, not worrying for Nate at all.

“ What the hell happened back there? “ She doesn't say anything. I stop the car at AppleBee's. And I take her hand and we go inside.

“ Hello thanks for coming i'll take your seats come with me. “ We follow her and she gave us a booth. She puts menus on the table.

“ Ok i'll be back for order on drinks. “ She leaves and Caroline sits. I sit in front of her, and she smiles.

“ Caroline what happened? “

“ I love Nate…..But I don't love him when he's drinking…..He nearly raped me. I kicked him away he wouldn't stop…. “ I felt full anger right through me. Now I wanted to punch the shit out of him. The waitress came back and looked at me with a smile.

“ May I get your drinks? “

“ I want water please. “ Caroline shots back.

“ I want Coke and can you please give her Dr pepper also. “ Caroline looks at me.

“ Ok coming right up. “ Caroline keeps looking at me.

“ I did it for a reason. “ She smiles and just lifts the menu up where you couldn't see her face. It still bothers me today how we're not friends, but I guess were progressing slowly. The waiter comes back and gives us our drinks.

“ Can I get your food ready? “ Caroline nods and smiles. Her smile hypnotizes you.

“ Yea I would like to have… A steak ribs grande chef meal. “ Caroline shrinkches her nose cutely.

“ And for you? “

“ Uhh the shrimp grande meal. “ She takes our orders.

“ Ok i'll be back for your meal. “  Caroline laughs.

“ What's so funny? “

“ You! “ She keeps laughing and i'm so happy she's happy…..For now.


We finished our food and headed out of Applebee's. When we get outside I see Nate and a couple of his friends standing there.

“ Taking my girl without permission? “ I look at Caroline and she was shivering.

“ I sure am you gotta a prob? “ He gets up to me and stares at me.

“ Leave him alone Nate. I called him to pick me up, I don't like it when you drink especially when you hang out with your friends. “ He looks at me and smiles. I could smell his alcohol breath rubbing in my face.  

“ Eat a mint. “ I say getting it out of my pockets. He looks at me and stands back. He raises his fist in the air but doesn't move. I just stands there, acting like there's nothing wrong. Nate pushes me and I just still stand there.

“Oh now you're gonna act all cool now. “

“ Yea I am  because I'm not a bitch who jumps on people on Saturdays at 3 am, just because they like your girl. “ Just then a car comes by and it was pink. It parks in front of us and a girl comes out of it. Tori.

“ Wait what? “ Caroline says upset. Tori comes to me and kisses me and ignores Caroline.

“ Babe I came. Whats going on? “ I pushed her to the side.

“ Wait Nate you told me Dylan jumped on you and you still kicked his ass. “ She looks at him angrily.

“ Uh nu he comes knocking on my window at 3 am and jumped me just because he liked you and I beat the shit of him and told him to stay away from you. Why do you think I said hes dangerous? “  Nate starts to laugh.

“ Haha that's not true. Where's your proof? “ I didn't say anything and Nate laughs. He takes Caroline away from me. I could see her struggling.

“ Get off of me! “

“ Let her go bitch! “ Nate pushes Caroline to his gang and they arm lock her. I could feel her wince a little. Nate comes in and punches my face. I blackout for a moment and I could feel my hands on the ground. I hear Tori yelling my name helping me up. I get up and kicked him in the face. Blood runs down his nose and he's holding his nose. I jump up and high slapped his face. He falls to the ground.

“ DYLAN! “ They were squeezing her arms closer to each other. Nate comes up and elbows me in the back of the neck. I collapsed on the ground not realizing what happened.

“ No… I do got proof. I remember there was someone else there. It looked more like a girl. She was wearing a black hoodie “ I look up and I see Tori backing up and she's wearing a black hoodie the same one that happened 4 weeks ago in the fight.

“ Tori. “ Everyone stops and Nate looks at Tori.

“ Why didn't you stop it!? “ She looks all innocent.

“ I….I….Nate made me come! “ She backs up. I look at her furiously. I get up and leg swipe Nate and see him fall to the ground.

Nate shoves his hands in his pocket. And revealed something like a needle. He hands it to his friend.

“ What's that for?! “ I just realized what was gonna happen.

“ NO STOP! “ Nate’s friends made Caroline still and a big guy punctures the needle in her. She doesn't do anything her eyes are closed. It was quiet for a while. I got up and Nate elbow me in the face. I fall and everything got blurry. My eyes finally adjusted and Caroline’s eyes finally opened. But her eyes were red. They let go of her and Nate says something to her. She comes to me and runs on the wall and footswipt me in the face. I thought only Japanese people could run on a wall and hit you in the face with your foot. I got blurry and finally fainted. All I know was that kick was amazing!



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